How do I change the write caching settings?

Right-click the drive on which you want to turn disk write caching on or off, and then click Properties. Click the Policies tab. Click to select or clear the Enable write caching on the disk check box as appropriate. Click OK.

Should I Enable write caching on HDD?

NOTE: Enabling write caching will increase the speed of your device regardless of the format you choose. Checking system resources: When doing large data transfers or trying to maximize overall speed of the transfer it is best to ensure that any extra tasks are held to a minimum.

How do I set the write cache destination for a virtual disk?

Citrix Provisioning supports several write cache destination options. The write cache destination for a virtual disk is selected on the General tab, which is available from the vDisk File Properties dialog.

How do I change the cache size of a virtual machine?

Right-click the Application Virtualization node, and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Select the File System tab on the Properties dialog box. In the Client Cache Configuration Settings section, click one of the following radio buttons to choose how to manage the cache space: Important.

What is the write cache in Citrix Virtual Disk?

The write cache file is temporary unless the virtual disk mode is set to Private Image mode. Important: The virtual disk cache type field Cache on device hard drive is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Citrix recommends using one of the other available cache types.

What happens when a virtual disk is set to cache on server persistent?

If a virtual disk is set to Cache on server persistent, each target device that accesses the virtual disk automatically has a device-specific, writable disk file created. Any changes made to the virtual disk image are written to that file, which is not automatically deleted upon shutdown.