How do I force a Lansweeper scan?

If you want to force an immediate LsAgent scan, you can clear LastSent/LastScan or add a ForceScan=1 entry to LsAgent. ini and restart the service. You’ll still be dependent on the interval at which Lansweeper pulls data from the cloud relay if you are using that.

What is the latest version of Lansweeper?

Installation takes less than 5 minutes….

Your version Latest version
LsAgent Mac Manual Check
LsPush Agent Manual Check

How do I start Lansweeper?

Download the latest Lansweeper installer and run it on the Windows computer you want to install Lansweeper on. All of the Lansweeper licensing plans use the same installer. Hit the Next button, review the terms of use, tick I accept the agreement and hit Next again. Select the Easy install option and hit Next.

Does Lansweeper use an agent?

Lansweeper includes two agents for scanning computers, LsPush and LsAgent. Both LsPush and LsAgent gather data locally on the client computer and can send it back to your Lansweeper installation for import.

How do I check for Lansweeper updates?

To check whether your Lansweeper installation requires updating, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Configuration\Your Lansweeper License.
  2. Hit the Check for Updates now button.
  3. Review the page on the Lansweeper website that you’re redirected to.

How do I update my Lansweeper license?

Applying your Lansweeper license

  1. Use the “click here to download your license” link in your receipt to retrieve the license.
  2. Hit the Add license button in the following section of the web console: Configuration\Your Lansweeper License.
  3. Paste the entire license string into the popup window and hit Ok.

What database does Lansweeper use?

Lansweeper data, reports and settings are stored in a database. Your database is hosted in either the Microsoft SQL LocalDB, Microsoft SQL Server or (deprecated) Microsoft SQL Compact database server.

Can I install Lansweeper on Linux?

Lansweeper scans Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows computers, VMware servers and other network devices, but must be installed on a Windows computer. So unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to install a Lansweeper service on a server running the Linux OS.

Does Lansweeper have a mobile app?

Applications installed on the mobile devices are automatically retrieved when you scan your devices with Lansweeper’s MDM tool. It will also retrieve which version of the application is installed, allowing you to report which versions are most common in your environment.

Is Lansweeper cloud based?

The Lansweeper Cloud Component extends our industry-leading Asset Discovery Software with a modern, cloud-based interface to empower our vision on ITAM.

How do I scan Windows assets with Lansweeper?

All credentials are securely stored in the Lansweeper database. Now that you have a global Windows credential, the Asset Radar scanning can also use this once it attempts to scan an asset, so even without any further steps, you’ll start seeing more detailed information on Windows assets soon. Head over to Scanning using the top navigation.

Which devices can Lansweeper scan?

Apart from scanning Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows computers, as well as VMware servers, Lansweeper is also capable of scanning network devices. Some examples of network devices are: cameras, firewalls, mail servers, music systems, NAS devices, printers, routers, switches, UPS devices, VOIP phones and web servers.

How do I run Lansweeper on my subnet?

After installing Lansweeper, you’ll start on our first run wizard. Here, you’ll get the chance to configure your admin account and select your first subnet before scanning commences. Once completed, you’ll see the assets overview and thanks to our credential-free scanning, your subnets’ assets should already be there with basic data.

Why is my IP address being pinged by Lansweeper?

If your device uses a custom SIP or SSH port, make sure to submit the correct port number as well. If the Save Pinged IP option is ticked, which it is by default in recent Lansweeper releases, assets are generated for all IP addresses that respond to a ping request.