How do I get debt collectors to stop calling someone else?

Send a Cease-and-Desist Letter to Stop Collection Calls A cease-and-desist letter is the best option to stop collection calls—even if they aren’t your debts. The federal law requires debt collectors to stop calling if you have notified them in writing that you wish them to quit calling.

Why are debt collectors calling me for someone else?

Debt collectors can only call once Once a debt collector knows they have called the wrong party, they have to stop calling that person. If you receive a debt collection phone call for someone else, and you tell the debt collector that you are not that consumer, the debt collector should stop calling you.

Can collection agencies call your friends?

The short answer is, yes, debt collectors can call third parties like relatives or friends. But the law limits what they can say. They’re really only supposed to call third parties if they can’t reach you or don’t have your contact information.

Can debt collectors contact family members?

It is Legal for a Debt Collector to Contact Your Family Typically, debt collectors are allowed to contact each family member, but only once. The only case where they may do so again is if they believe the information given to them was false.

How do debt collectors get friends phone numbers?

Someone You Know Debt collectors use a process called “skip tracing” to get phone numbers and other contact information for people who owe debts. 2 They locate people who know you and get as much information as they can about you.

Is it illegal for debt collectors to spoof?

The FDCPA allows a debt collector to use different phone numbers. However, they must present their identity to the debtor. They are not required to reveal their name, but they must convey the name of the agency they are representing.

Can a debt collector talk to my spouse?

Debt collectors are not permitted to contact you or your spouse if you notify them in writing that you want them to cease communications. A debt collector that fails to cease communications after written notification is in violation of federal law.

Can bailiffs take my stuff for my son’s debt?

Firstly, bailiffs are not allowed to take possessions that belong to someone else. This means that they are only allowed to take belongings of the person to whom the debt belongs to. Thus, a bailiff cannot take any of your possessions for a debt that belongs to your child.

Can bailiffs take my car for someone else debt?

Bailiffs (also called ‘enforcement agents’) could take your belongings if they’re collecting a debt you haven’t paid. They can take things you own or that you own jointly with someone else – for example electrical items, jewellery or a vehicle.

Are debt collectors allowed to spoof numbers?

Legally, debt collectors can spoof their phone numbers, but the FDCPA doesn’t allow them to hide their identity—such as when you ask what agency they are calling from. They also can’t spoof a number that would indicate they are from a law firm or any type of official government agency.

Will changing my number stop debt collectors from calling?

Change your phone number If none of this works, you could consider changing your phone number. Unfortunately, given the amount of information that debt collectors can access via the Internet these days, this might give you only a short-term respite before the agency tracks you down again.