How do I make my root domain redirect to www?

Google Domains: How to Forward the Root to www

  1. Visit your Account and click on “DNS Settings”
  2. Make sure you have the settings working correctly with a CNAME.
  3. Add the Synthetic Records and take note of all form options.

How do I redirect www to non www Google domains?

Redirect your naked domain

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.
  3. Click Manage domains.
  4. Next to Primary domain, click Set up redirect or Change redirect.
  5. Enter the prefix or subdomain of the web address (typically, this is “www”)

How do I redirect www?

Redirect to www

  1. Set the type to permanent which will give an HTTP 301 status code.
  2. Choose your main domain in this drop down.
  3. Leave the path empty, you want to redirect the entire domain.
  4. Specify the URL to redirect to with the “www” part in it.
  5. Choose “Do Not Redirect www“.
  6. Leave the “Wild Card Redirect” unchecked.

Is www a root domain?

The root domain encompasses subdomains such as and as well as webpages branching from the main site and any subdomains. The following are all examples of locations within the root domain,

How do I redirect a domain using DNS records?

How to Redirect a Domain Using DNS Records (URL Redirect)

  1. Create the first URL Redirect record with the domain name you are directing to: Host Name.
  2. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the record.
  3. Next create the second URL Redirect with the domain name you are directing to: Host Name.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the record.

How do I make www non-www?


  1. Log in to Cloudflare and select the site where you want to put the redirection.
  2. Go to the Page Rules tab and create a new rule.
  3. Enter the URL and select setting as “Forwarding URL”
  4. Select the status code (301 if you want it permanently)
  5. Enter the target where you want to redirect.

How do you root domain?

Root domain name definition In the Internet DNS system, the root domain is denoted by an empty name (that is, containing no characters). When you record a domain name, each domain is separated by a period; at the end of the name, there may be a dot to separate the empty name corresponding to the root domain.

How do you name the root domain?

You have three basic options for naming your root domain: use the same name as an existing DNS domain, create a new subdomain from an existing domain, or use a name that doesn’t correspond to any of your DNS domains (i.e., a disjoint or private namespace).

How to redirect from one domain to another?

After logging in cPanel,find the ‘Redirects’ option in the ‘Domains’ section.

  • In the Type section,click on ‘ Permanent (301)’ or ‘ Temporary Redirect (302)’. (Usually,all redirects are Permanent by default.)
  • In the next step on how to redirect a website to another,in the HTTPS field,type in the domain you wish to redirect.
  • How I can redirect subdomain to website?

    301 Redirect – Unmasked. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect.

  • 302 Redirect – Unmasked. They are also unmasked so your visitors will notice the URL change.
  • URL Frame – Masked. Unlike the two other types,the URL frame is a masked redirect.
  • Meta Refresh.
  • How to redirect an URL for a domain?

    Log into your GoDaddy account and click on your name at the top right corner to show your options.

  • Next,find the ‘Account’ section and click on ‘My Products.’
  • Find the listed domain that you want to redirect and click on the ‘Manage’ button.
  • You are now in the area where you can control the options for this particular domain.
  • Can I use a CNAME record to redirect my Domain?

    No, you cannot use a CNAME record to perform a redirect. A redirect results in the URL changing to match your intended destination. This can be implemented via code (HTML, Javacript, PHP, etc) or through a webserver configuration (mod_rewrite etc). A CNAME is a DNS record that will alias $domain-A to $domain-B .