How do I troubleshoot BT Broadband?

BT Broadband connection problems

  1. Use the BT broadband troubleshooter.
  2. Make a call on your landline.
  3. Restart your BT Hub.
  4. Check the lights on your Hub.
  5. Power cycle your Openreach modem (fibre customers).
  6. Try your test socket.

How do I report a faulty line?

Opt to call the customer service line on your phone bill using an online calling service or another person’s phone in order to report directly that your phone line is fault. Request a service order so that they will be sure to respond to your service call promptly. Check your phone after the service call.

How long does it take BT to fix a broadband fault?

Under the new rules, BT must complete around 80% of fault repairs within one to two working days of being notified and provide an appointment for around 80% of new line installations within 12 working days.

How do I get in touch with BT broadband?

Contact Us

  1. We’ve included some ways you can get in touch: Email: [email protected].
  2. Help guides. You can also take a look our help section where you’ll find a range of help articles and FAQs.
  3. Need to take it further?

How do I contact BT to report a fault?

Text PHONE to 61998 (charges may apply at your standard rate).

  1. We’ll run tests on your connection to find out what’s going on.
  2. If you need an engineer, we’ll text you in 15 minutes to book a slot.

How do I fix my broadband connection?

How to fix your broadband

  1. Check your devices.
  2. Check internet outage for your provider.
  3. Ping Google.
  4. Check the router lights.
  5. Plug a computer directly into the router.
  6. Check the IP address.
  7. Check the cables.
  8. Check the phone line.

How do I report a BT landline fault for someone else?

Just call 0800 800 151 and quote ‘Landline fault’ when asked how we can help you today. Make sure you phone from a different number so that we can test your line whilst you’re on the phone to us. If there’s a fault found an engineer will be arranged with you to fix it and this will be confirmed on the call.

How to troubleshoot BT broadband problems?

BT Broadband connection problems. 1 Check your service status. There might be a temporary problem with the network or planned outage that’s affecting every broadband connection in your 2 Make a call on your landline. 3 Restart your Hub. 4 Check the lights on your BT Hub. 5 Power cycle your modem.

What does the tracker tell me about faults with my broadband?

Our tracker will let you know of any recognised faults that could affect your phone, broadband, TV and sport. Broadband needs a working phone line. Check you can make a phone call and that there’s no noise on the line.

How do I report a problem with my broadband connection?

Visit our broadband troubleshooter. See if you can fix it yourself. Feel free to run some checks on your wireless connection via our troubleshooter If you’re unable to fix it yourself, you can report the issue easily online via your desktop or smart phone.

Why is my broadband not working?

There might be a temporary problem with the network or planned outage that’s affecting every broadband connection in your area. You can check for network problems by entering your telephone number on our service status pag e.