How do I turn up the brightness on my Dell monitor?

You can open the Settings app from your Start menu or Start screen by selecting “System,” then selecting “Display.”. You can adjust the brightness level by clicking or tapping and dragging the “Adjust brightness level” slider. You can change the “Display brightness” slider in the window that appears.

Why can’t I change the brightness on my Dell monitor?

Try to using FN + up/down key(F2/F3) to adjust the brightness. Try to adjust the brightness from the Display Settings/Windows Mobility Center(See Figure. 2). The value can adjust but the display is stuck at a certain brightness, there is no effect if you adjust it to 0 or 100.

Which function key controls screen brightness?

The Fn key is usually located to the left of the spacebar. The brightness function keys may be located at the top of your keyboard, or on your arrow keys. For example, on the Dell XPS laptop keyboard (pictured below), hold the Fn key and press F11 or F12 to adjust the brightness of the screen.

How do I fix my brightness keys not working?

Enable your PnP Monitor

  1. Press and hold the Windows key, then press R. This will launch the Run application.
  2. Type in devmgmt.
  3. Expand Monitors by clicking on the arrow icon.
  4. Right-click on your PnP monitor and choose Enable device.
  5. Restart your computer and try adjusting your brightness again.

Where is the OSD button on a Dell monitor?

To navigate the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu, use the buttons on the monitor. The monitor control buttons are usually on the right side , either on the side, front or bottom of the monitor. To access the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu, press Button 3 on the monitor.

Why is my Dell laptop screen so dark?

On the PC Settings screen, touch PC and Devices. Touch Power and Sleep. At the top of the screen, there is a toggle for Brightness. Slide the toggle to the Off position to disable adaptive brightness.

What to do if brightness key is not working?


  1. Update your Display Driver.
  2. Update your Drivers Manually.
  3. Update your Drivers Automatically.
  4. Enable Adaptive Brightness.
  5. Enable your PnP Monitor.
  6. Check your graphics card software.
  7. Use Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

Why can’t I change my brightness with my keyboard?

If you find that adjusting the screen brightness through Windows settings works fine, but the function keys (Fn) for brightness control on the laptop keyboard don’t work, most likely you need to install additional software from the laptop manufacturer.

Why is my brightness key not working Windows 10?

Click on it to expand and right-click on the GPU that powers your display (internal or discrete). To check, open Run > Type dxdiag and press Enter > Go to display tab. Select Update Driver Software from the menu to fix the Windows 10 brightness control not working issue.

What is the screen size of the Dell Latitude e5510?

The 15” Latitude E5510 uses a wide-screen format and offers an LED-display with either 1366×768 pixel – or 1600×900 pixel resolution. In the end, an overview of the display depends on which variant one goes for. Our E5510 tester has the top-level equipment with its HD+ display.

What are the characteristics of the e5510 display?

The E5510 impresses with a low level of black at 0.53 cd / m² and in turn, also with a relatively high contrast value of: 462:1. Black therefore appears dark and the colors strong. Fonts are clear and easily legible. Use outdoors reveals the display’s strengths with its anti-glare surface and good level of brightness.

How to adjust the LCD brightness on my Dell XPS 15 7590?

When you update the Bios version to 1.5.0 on your Dell XPS 15 7590 system, you may not be able to adjust the LCD brightness. Open the Device Manager, you would find that multiple entries under the Monitors (See Figure.1). At that time, you can not increase or decrease the brightness in the following ways:

How to fix the brightness on Windows 10 monitors is low?

Open the Device Manager on your computer. Expand Monitors. Uninstall all the monitors listed. Reboot your computer. After reboot, you should only see one entry under Monitors. Try to adjust the brightness on Windows Setting again.