How do I update Nppes information?

Updates can be made by mailing a Paper Application/Update Form available for download by accessing or by contacting the NPI Enumerator and requesting one via mail. In Section 1A Reason For Submittal of this Form, select the Change of Information box.

Is NPI the same as Nppes?

The NPI Registry is an online query system that allows users to search for a health care provider’s information. The NPPES Downloadable File has disclosable information about health care providers with NPIs.

How often is Nppes updated?

Information associated with NPIs is updated daily. If the record being viewed has any changes pending, the pending information will not be presented. The following information is displayed for the selected NPI: NPI: The unique, 10-digit National Provider Identifier (NPI) assigned to the provider.

How do I change my Nppes Password?

‘ button and you will be navigated to I&A where you can select to either Retrieve Forgotten User ID or Reset Forgotten Password.

  1. If you enter an incorrect User ID and Password combination three times, your User ID will be disabled.
  2. Please contact the NPI Enumerator at 1-800-465-3203 if your account is disabled.

Can an NPI be reactivated?

Reactivation Record the NPI you want to reactivate, provide the reason for reactivation, and complete Section 2. Sign and date the certification statement in Section 4A or 4B, as appropriate. See instructions for Section 4. Use additional sheets of paper if necessary.

Why is an NPI deactivated?

If a health care provider (for example, a physician) dies, his/her NPI will be deactivated. If a provider goes out of business, the NPI will also be deactivated. The deactivated NPI will never be issued to another health care provider. If a provider moves from one state to another, the NPI number will stay the same.