How do you change the icon on GarageBand?

Change the icon for a track In GarageBand on Mac, do one of the following: Control-click the icon in the track header, then choose a new icon from the shortcut menu. Choose Track > Assign Track Icon, then choose a new icon from the shortcut menu.

Is there a manual for GarageBand?

GarageBand: The Missing Manual is an authoritative, witty guide to constructing digital recordings with GarageBand.

What macOS is needed for GarageBand?

Here are the official Apple minimum requirements for GarageBand:

  • A Mac whose processor is a 600MHz G3 or faster.
  • Mac OS X 10.3.
  • 256 megabytes of memory.
  • QuickTime 6.5.
  • A screen with at least 1024-x-768–pixel resolution.
  • 2 gigabytes of hard drive space.
  • Musical equipment (optional).

Where can you create duplicate and organize songs in GarageBand?

When you first open GarageBand, a new, empty song is created automatically. You can create new songs to record and arrange your music in. In the My Songs browser you can duplicate, name, save, and delete songs. You can also create folders, and add or remove songs from folders.

Is GarageBand used by professionals?

And is GarageBand used by the pros? Yes, GarageBand is used by many professional music producers and singers – Steve Lacy, T-Pain, Rihanna, and Oasis have all been using GarageBand at some point. You can install GarageBand on all your Apple devices, making it a very versatile DAW for music production.

Do all Macs come with GarageBand?

The Bottom Line. GarageBand offers easy music recording for novices and pros alike, and it comes free with every Mac. The app is still the best way to learn piano or guitar on a computer and easily earns our Editors’ Choice nod.

How do you play multiple instruments on GarageBand?

Launch GarageBand and select New Project. Enable the multitracking feature: Click the Track menu and choose Enable Multitrack Recording. Once multitracking is enabled, you’ll see a new round button appear just to the right of each track’s instrument icon.