How do you get unlimited energy on KKH?

To get unlimited energy, exit the game and go to Settings on your device (ios or android). Turn off automatic date and time. Go to your clock and set the time forward by half an hour to an hour. When you open Kim Kardashian: Hollywood again up, your energy should be refilled!

Can you cheat on your husband in the KK game?

According to a Chapter Cheats update about KK: H marriage, you can, in fact, get divorced from your spouse in KK: H. But you have to cheat on them first. Here’s what Kardashian game-player Sara had to say: You can cheat but after you go on a date with someone he’ll call you and ask for a divorce.

How do you get free stars on KKW?

If you hound your friends to join the game, you can win K stars. Click the phone button on the bottom right side of the screen and then click the “invite friends” button. For every new friend that tries the game, you win a star. But if they’re already playing the game, you’re out of luck.

How do you get free babies on KKH?

The option to have a baby is unlocked once you reach level 9, after which you will receive a call from Kim Kardashian to volunteer at the Love And Hope Adoption Center. After completing the shift, you can adopt a baby from the adoption center or have a baby with your partner.

What is Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack for iOS/Android?

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack for iOS/Android covers everything from getting started as a brand new player to understanding and using the Online Generator used by top ranking players in the whole world.

What game is Kim Kardashian in?

KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD, a fashion-themed game released by Glu Mobile in 2016. It has resonated greatly, thanks in part to Kim’s name.

Can I play Kim Kardashian Hollywood on my phone?

This game is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, and it can be downloaded via the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a free-to-play mobile game, but you can progress through the game faster by making in-app purchases.

Is the Kim Kardashian Hollywood website good for beginners?

The in-depth information in this website is great for anyone trying to learn to play Kim Kardashian Hollywood, or for anyone looking to generate free cash and stars without spending money. Visiting this website has improved my game-play and changed my scores rapidly. Long story short…