How do you make pasta puttanesca?


  1. Bring pot of water to boil and salt it. Warm 2 tablespoons oil with garlic and anchovies in skillet over medium-low heat.
  2. Drain tomatoes and crush with fork or hands. Add to skillet, with some salt and pepper.
  3. Cook pasta, stirring occasionally, until it is tender but not mushy.

How do you make puttanesca sauce?


  1. 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil.
  2. 3 garlic cloves, peeled.
  3. 6 anchovy fillets.
  4. 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper.
  5. 1 tablespoon tomato paste.
  6. One 35-ounce can whole peeled Italian tomatoes with their juices, crushed by hand.
  7. Pinch of sugar.
  8. 2 basil sprigs.

Can you make puttanesca without capers?

Capers are the little pickled blossoms of a French shrub. With some people, it’s a love-hate thing. It’s your dinner, so if you detest capers, you don’t have to eat them. However, if you’ve never had them, you owe it to yourself to try them, especially in puttanesca sauce!

What kind of pasta do you use for puttanesca?

What pasta to use: I used spaghetti, but any long, thin pasta (like vermicelli, linguine, or bucatini) would work. Some recipes also use penne! Tuna or chicken puttanesca: If you like, you can add some cooked shredded chicken or drained canned tuna to the sauce. Allow it to simmer in the sauce for a few minutes.

What pasta goes best with puttanesca?

Bold and comforting in the best way, puttanesca sauce takes a few pantry staples including: canned tomatoes, garlic, olives, capers, and anchovies. Spaghetti is a popular choice for pasta puttanesca (and it’s what I used in this recipe), but any long, thin pasta would work — like linguine or vermicelli.

Is pasta puttanesca healthy?

Tomato sauce provides the base for a good puttanesca, and it also provides lycopene, a red antioxidant pigment that helps to protect cells overall, and has specific protective benefits for the prostate gland, helping to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Can you put basil in puttanesca?

Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the cherry tomatoes start to cook down slightly. Drain the pasta, reserving a cupful of cooking water. Add the basil to the sauce along with the pasta and a splash of the reserved cooking water, to loosen. Have a taste and season, if needed.

What pasta goes well with puttanesca?

Puttanesca sauce is traditionally served with spaghetti, and is a southern Italian dish made with typical ingredients like toamtoes, olive oil, anchovies, olives, capers and garlic.

What can I substitute for anchovies in puttanesca?

I used two ingredients to replace the anchovies: seaweed, which brought to the sauce that fresh-ocean flavor, and tamari, which added a rich, deep, sweet saltiness. My Vegan Pasta Puttanesca did not miss a flavor beat.

Can you use green olives in puttanesca?

Once the pot has heated, add in the olive oil, capers, green olives, garlic slices, anchovy paste, tomato paste, sugar and salt. Mix together until well combined. Add in the crushed tomatoes, mix to combined, and bring up to a slow simmer. Cook pasta to package directions and add to the puttanesca sauce.

What did Antonio Carluccio do for cooking?

Antonio Carluccio Antonio Carluccio was a leading authority on Italian cooking and the author of nineteen cookery books. With his ex-wife Priscilla, he founded the Italian food shop, Carluccio’s, and the series of Carluccio Caffès.

Where did spaghetti alla puttanesca come from?

Nina Parker serves up her vibrant spaghetti alla puttanesca recipe, inspired by the classic version whipped up by Sandro Petti on the island of Ischia in the 1950s. She serves the puttanesca sauce with wholegrain spelt spaghetti for a toothsome twist.

What is spaghetti alla puttanesca (whore’s pasta)?

Later, this throw-together dish evolved to be known as Spaghetti alla puttanesca, which many translate as ‘whore’s pasta’. Davide Conte, who lives on the island, and knows Sandro well, told me this wonderful story.