How do you perform a peripheral blood smear?

  1. Place clean glass slide on a flat surface. Add one small drop of blood to one end.
  2. Take another clean slide, and holding at an angle of about 45 deg, touch the blood with one end of the slide so the blood runs along the edge of the slide by capillary action.
  3. Make 2 smears, allow to air dry, and label clearly.

What is peripheral blood film test?

Peripheral blood smear test is ordered as part of a general health exam to help diagnose many illnesses. It helps diagnose if red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are normal in appearance and number. It distinguishes between the various kinds of white blood cells.

What are the three methods of preparing a blood smear?

Four different types of smear preparation methods (conventional method, blood film method, drop and rest method, and water-wash method) were carried out according to the standard reference as described below.

What is peripheral blood film used for?

The peripheral blood film (PBF) is a laboratory work-up that involves cytology of peripheral blood cells smeared on a slide. As basic as it is, PBF is invaluable in the characterization of various clinical diseases.

What will the phlebotomist do to follow the proper technique in preparing a peripheral blood smear?

Well-made peripheral smears can be prepared by starting with only a drop of blood at one end of a clean glass slide. The drop is smeared lightly and quickly with a wedge technique so as to leave a thin “feather” edge where all cells may be examined individually, particularly red blood cells.

What are the important considerations in the preparation of a perfect peripheral blood smear?

It takes considerable practice to consistently make perfect blood smears. The handmade wedge or thin slide is the most commonly prepared blood film. Three factors may be altered slightly to produce a perfect blood smear: speed, angle and drop size.

What is the method of smear preparation?

The first step in most bacterial staining procedures is the preparation of a smear. In a smear preparation, cells from a culture are spread in a thin film over a small area of a microscope slide, dried, and then fixed to the slide by heating or other chemical fixatives.

What precautions will you take while preparing blood film?

Wear gloves. 3. Clean slides with 70 to 90% alcohol and allow to dry. Do not touch the surface of the slide where the blood smear will be made.

What is the best stain for peripheral smear?

Commonly used stain in our environment is Leishman stain which is composed of polychrome methylene blue (basic component) and eosin (acidic component). May-Grunwald Giemsa or Wright-Giemsa stain can also be used.