How do you test for EEC IV?


  1. Make sure engine is fully warmed.
  2. Turn ignition off and wait 10 seconds for system to shut off.
  3. Hook up light and jumper (or a tester if you have one).
  4. Fast Codes are output (ignore fast light flashes).
  5. Read hard faults.
  6. Separator Pulse.
  7. Read memory codes.

What does EEC IV mean?

Electronic Engine Control
We know many of you Ford fans out there are now running the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) IV fuel injection whether your cars are late-model or not.

What is EEC Main?

The Ford EEC or Electronic Engine Control is a series of ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that was designed and built by Ford Motor Company. The first system, EEC I, used processors and components developed by Toshiba in 1973. It began production in 1974, and went into mass production in 1975.

What happens when you wire a fuel pump wrong?

What Happens If A Fuel Pump Isn’t Installed The Right Way? If a fuel pump isn’t installed correctly, it either won’t work at all or won’t supply enough fuel to the engine. When the fuel pump isn’t working right, your engine isn’t getting the amount of fuel it needs to run well.

What color is the fuel pump wire?

Each vehicle can have different colors for the power wire on a fuel pump. Most manufacturers will use red and black, but others will use gray, orange, or purple.

What is a EEC module?

The Ford EEC or Electronic Engine Control is a series of ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that was designed and built by Ford Motor Company.

What is EEC IV?

EEC-IV The EEC-IV design debuted for the 1984 model year and was found on engines with both CFI (central fuel injection) and PFI (port fuel injection) as well as on a few carburetor-equipped engines. The primary difference between EEC-IV and its predecessors is in the reference voltage supplied to its sensors.

What is the EEC code?

EEC Code means the unique 15 digit means alphanumeric Code number allotted to the Client by the Excise Duty authorities in relation to Excise Duty payable by the Client to the Government of India.

What is EEC on fuel tank?

The EEC system is a method of controlling HC emissions by collecting fuel vapours from the fuel tank and carburettor fuel bowl vents, and directing them into an engine intake manifold.

What is the voltage on my EEC-IV?

EEC-IV Wiring Information Pin No Purpose Voltage 57 Ignition Power 0Volts Off, 12V Ignition On 58 Fuel Injection Ignition Bank 1,3,5 PWM On Fuel Injection 59 Fuel Injection Ignition Bank 2,4,6 0Volts Off, 12V On 60 Ground 0Volts

How do I self test the system on an EEC IV vehicle?

EEC IV vehicles have two connectors for self testing the system. They are located on the firewall or the left or right front fender. The large connector contains the self test output (STO) and ground (SIG RTN).

How do you test the timing on an EEC test?

Start a running EEC test and when test starts (RPM’s go up) check the timing. It should be advanced about 20 degrees (plus or minus 3 degrees) more than the original base timing. Since base timing is usually 10 degrees BTDC then the advance is usually to 30 degrees BTDC.

How do you test a sequential fuel injection engine?

Use FIRST CODE OUTPUT and retest after any repairs are made. NOTE: This test is only available on Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) Engines. Start an engine running test and press the accelerator lightly within 2 minutes after the last code is output.