How do you win Cosmic Encounter?

Winning Cosmic Encounter is straightforward: establish five “foreign colonies” by placing your spaceships on at least five of your opponents planets. You accomplish this by having encounters. During one of these encounters you are randomly assigned an opponent to attack.

Is Cosmic Encounter hard?

Cosmic Encounter is neither difficult nor complex. It is, however, a heavily social experience. It mixes elements of negotiation, bluffing and hand management in an ever-changing landscape. These features make for a compelling experience but also makes it more demanding of its players in a myriad of ways.

How do you play Cosmic Encounter?

In Cosmic Encounter, players take on the roles of various alien species in the universe. Each turn, a player has an encounter with another player, running into another player’s home planet and either tries to attack it and establish a colony, or try to negotiate a deal.

Is Cosmic Encounter still good?

Cosmic Encounter gives your easy-to-learn rules, then spends all of its time giving you fun and surprising ways to break them. It’s endlessly replayable, regularly hilarious, and frequently chaotic, and we love it.

What happens if you tie in Cosmic Encounter?

The defense’s total is the value of their attack card plus the number of ships they and their defensive allies committed. The winner of the encounter is the player with the highest total. If the players tie, the defense wins the encounter.

Is there a hand limit in Cosmic Encounter?

Players keep their cards in their hands, secret from the other players. Each player starts the game with a hand of eight cards (or seven, depending on the edition) and cannot get a new one until all the cards are played or discarded; this makes card management very important.

Who goes first in Cosmic Encounter?

To play a game of Cosmic Encounter, players take turns in clockwise order starting with the first player, who is determined during setup. During a player’s turn, they have an encounter. An encounter is an interaction between two or more players who are trying to either establish or defend a colony.

Who is the main player in Cosmic Encounter?

the offense
The main players in an encounter are the offense, the player currently taking a turn, and the defense, the player with whom the offense is having an encounter (which is generally the player whose color was drawn from the destiny deck).

How long does a game of Cosmic Encounter take?

20–120+ minutes
Cosmic Encounter

Designers Peter Olotka, Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, Bill Norton
Setup time 5–10 minutes
Playing time 20–120+ minutes
Random chance Medium
Age range 12+

Are Cosmic Encounter expansions worth it?

In my opinion they are worth getting. The expansions are more about the 20 new aliens and add-ons and less about the extra players. If you can get many people to play then I suggest skipping Cosmic Alliance as that one is mainly about many people playing. I would suggest Cosmic Incursion as your first expansion.