How does soot blower work?

Soot blowers are placed in the flue gas path to clean some portion of the tube. When blowing is starting this high pressure steam comes out at high velocity from the nozzle of blower. This high velocity steam clean the soot deposits on the tube. The blower rotates by 360 degree by means of electrical motor.

What is the advantage of using retractable soot blower?

These low cost, compact and easily maintainable sootblowers are constructed for dependable operation indoors or outdoors in all climates. They can use air, saturated or superheated steam as a cleaning medium and their compact design makes it possible to fit these units in tight spaces.

How many types of soot blowers are there?

There are two types of soot blowers. These are rotary soot blowers (RSB) and long retractable soot blowers (LRSB) . Rotary soot blowers rotate at a fixed position. In long retractable soot blowers the lancer enters into flue gas path and also rotates like rotary blowers.

Why should boiler Sootblowers normally only be operated in the correct sequence?

Soot blowers should be used frequently and in proper sequence to prevent the accumulation of heavy deposits of soot since they interfere with heat transfer and are a fire hazard. The process of using the soot blowers is called “blowing tubes.”

What is the chemical name of soot?

Soot (sometimes referred to as black carbon) is produced when hydrocarbon fuels are burned. Our hypothesis is that polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules are the dominant component of soot, with individual PAH molecules forming ordered stacks that agglomerate into primary particles (PP).

How does a soot blower work?

These soot blowers are large and equipped with an electric power-driven source with a single- or double-nozzle arrangement. The nozzle assembly moves slowly over the face of the heat transfer surface. The nozzle arm simultaneously swings in an arc across the face of the heat transfer surface.

Which side of the soot blower is the best?

AH soot blowers are generally installed at the cold end, where the depositions are observed. The gas-outlet side is the natural choice for avoiding entrance and mixing of fly ash, which is driven away into windboxes.

How do I operate an retractable soot blower?

Retractable soot blowers should be operated automatically. A control for automatic sequential operation of soot blowers should be mounted on the local panel provided by the vendor. Each soot blower should also be capable of independent manual operation.

What are the different types of soot blowers?

A wall blower is one of the simplest types of soot blowers. A wall blower is a small piece of equipment that connects to the exterior of the boiler. A short nozzle can enter the boiler and expel hot steam or compressed air to clean the surrounding area.