How many inches of snow did Kuna Idaho get?

11.3 in
Climate Averages

Kuna, Idaho United States
Snowfall 11.3 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 83.0 days 106.2 days
Sunny 208 days 205 days
Avg. July High 91.9° 85.8°

Does Kuna Idaho have snow?

Kuna experiences some seasonal variation in monthly snowfall. The snowy period of the year lasts for 2.9 months, from November 16 to February 14, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Kuna is December, with an average snowfall of 2.8 inches.

What is the weather like in Idaho in May?

May Weather in Boise Idaho, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 9°F, from 68°F to 77°F, rarely falling below 56°F or exceeding 90°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 7°F, from 44°F to 51°F, rarely falling below 34°F or exceeding 61°F.

What is the elevation of Kuna Idaho?

2,694′Kuna / Elevation

What is the altitude of Kuna Idaho?

What is the coldest month in Idaho?

Average Temperature in Idaho Falls The cold season lasts for 3.2 months, from November 22 to February 27, with an average daily high temperature below 40°F. The coldest month of the year in Idaho Falls is January, with an average low of 14°F and high of 29°F.

What is the best time of year to visit Idaho?

The best time to visit Idaho is between June to September. The average temperatures during this time vary according to the season but the mean ranged from 59-68F. The state sees four distinct seasons, each offering tourists a different experience. The spring season is from March to May.

What is Kuna Idaho known for?

Kuna used to be known as the hidden gem within the Valley, but its extraordinary quality of place is starting to be recognized by many. Kuna is now one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho.

Is Kuna Idaho rural or urban?

Kuna, Idaho has quickly become one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho over the years. This quaint, rural town is attracting visitors who want to live in a town that has character. Since 1995, Kuna’s population has been on a steady rise from around 2,500 residents to its current population of 25,000.

Where in Idaho has the best Weather?

In general, Boise has some of the best weather in Idaho, with averages in the 70s throughout the summer and in the 20s during the winter. However, there are many other cities in Idaho that provide an enjoyable environmental experience, depending on your criteria.

How long is winter in Idaho?

3.1 months
The cold season lasts for 3.1 months, from November 18 to February 21, with an average daily high temperature below 47°F. The coldest month of the year in Boise is January, with an average low of 25°F and high of 38°F.