How many planes did Franz Stigler shoot down?

45 Allied airplanes
And Stigler was a workhorse airman. He flew over 400 combat missions, was shot down repeatedly, wounded four times, shot down some 45 Allied airplanes, and lost a brother early in the war.

What happened Franz Stigler?

He is best known for his role in the Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident in which he spared the crew of a severely damaged B-17 bomber. He escorted the plane to safety over enemy lines….

Franz Stigler
Battles/wars World War II North African Campaign Defense of the Reich
Awards Iron Cross 1st class

How many victories did Franz Stigler have?

Oberleutnant Franz Stigler survived the war having flown over 500 combat missions, was shot down 17 times, captured once briefly and had 28 confirmed victories to his credit, including 11 four-engine bombers, plus over 30 other “probables”.

Where is Franz Stigler buried?

Franz Stigler

Birth 21 Aug 1915 Regensburg, Stadtkreis Regensburg, Bavaria (Bayern), Germany
Death 22 Mar 2008 (aged 92) Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada
Burial Burial Details Unknown
Memorial ID 25752310 · View Source

Why did Stigler not shoot at Brown’s plane?

Stigler later told Brown he was trying to get them to fly to Sweden. He then flew near Brown’s plane in close formation on the bomber’s port side wing, so that German anti-aircraft units would not target it, and escorted the damaged B-17 across the coast until they reached open water.

Who shot down the first German jet?

Oberfeldwebel Hieronymus Lauer became the first to be shot down by US fighters while flying a jet aircraft. His Me 262 fighter was shot down by Major Joseph Myers and 2nd Lieutenant Manford Croy, Jr.

Is there a movie about Franz Stigler?

Based on a best seller Higher Call is a true account of heroism by Luftwaffe Ace pilot Franz Stigler. Its about heroism, compassion amidst the chaos of air war over the war torn skies of Europe .

What was the range of a b17?

3,750 miles
Technical Specifications

First flight July 28, 1935 (prototype)
Top speed 287 mph
Cruising speed 150 mph
Range (max.) 3,750 miles
Ceiling 35,600 feet

Why did Stigler join JV 44?

It was in early February 1945, when General Adolf Galland himself invited Stigler to join JV 44, the legendary “Squadron of Experts”. Galland’s only stipulation was to “bring a jet with him”.

Who was Franz Stigler?

Like many veteran Luftwaffe fighter pilots, Franz Stigler had years of frontline experience before conversion to the Me 262. He had fought with JG 27 flying the Bf 109 in Tunisia in support of Rommel’s Afrika Korps and later on the Western Front in the defense of Germany.

What was Adolf Galland’s aircraft?

Me 262 “White 3” of JV.44 is commonly believed to be Adolf Galland ‘s aircraft. This is a misconception, as White 3 was the aircraft of Franz Stigler and Galland had a photo taken by it; this led to the confusion.

Who was the commander of JV 44?

The commander of JV 44 was General Adolf Galland, the former General der Jagdflieger (General of Fighter pilots) who had recently been sacked from his staff post by Hermann Göring for criticizing the operational policies, strategic doctrine, and tactics mandated by the Luftwaffe High Command.