How many students are in Inti?

5,000 (2012)INTI International University / Total enrollment

Is Inti a good college?

An overall pretty good college if you are running low in funds to go to. Lecturers and people here are diverse and interesting. People are fun and friendly here. Study environment in Inti is great and comfortable.

How do I check my Inti score?

You can access your results through Eramis 1) Log in with your matric number and password. 2) Under the exams results, your IC No / passport must NOT have the hyphen.

What is Inti university known for?

Here are top good reasons why choosing INTI would make a big difference in your higher education experience.

  • Globally recognised programmes.
  • Highly ranked partner universities.
  • A peace of mind.
  • Strong focus on employability.
  • Vibrant student life.
  • A multicultural and diverse society.
  • Diverse campus locations.

Who is the founder of Inti?

From the onset of the collaboration, INTI’s enterprising co-founders, Dr Tan Yew Sing and Emeritus Professor Dr Lee Fah Onn, were propulsive in ensuring the collaboration promoted cross-cultural interactions and immersion to help develop a globalized generation of graduates.

Is Sunway University good?

The University has a 5-star “excellent” rating by the Malaysian government (in the latest Setara assessment exercise), and is one of just eleven universities in Malaysia to be awarded the special “Premier Digital Technology Institution” status.

What does INTI stand for?


Acronym Definition
INTI Integrated Network of Transportation Information
INTI International Network on Technical Information (est. 1998; various locations)
INTI International Non-Traditional Teaching Initiative (Oldfields School; Glencoe, MD)
INTI International Network Training Institute, Inc. (publisher)

Is INTI University Recognised in Singapore?

INTI International University Engineering Degrees are recognized by the Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists.

Who is the founder of INTI?

Is Inti University Recognised in Singapore?

Where is inti from?

the Inca state
Inti is the ancient Incan sun god. He is revered as the national patron of the Inca state. Although most consider Inti the sun god, he is more appropriately viewed as a cluster of solar aspects, since the Inca divided his identity according to the stages of the sun.

Is Sunway or Monash better?

If you really want options, and finances are NOT an issue, Monash University (Malaysian campus) would be a good choice based on its reputation alone. Even though Sunway University is also a reputable local private university in Malaysia, the general consensus seems to favour Monash (reputation).