How much does an OC1 cost?

Volare Pro Model OC1 Outrigger Canoe: USD $5,500 + local sales tax + shipping surcharge + destination fee (if applicable). Processing fees will be charged when using a card to pay for a canoe. Canoes can be customized using the 19 available colors from the color chart below.

How much is a v1 canoe?

Construction Weight & Purpose Price
Standard Vacuumed Fiberglass Recreational US $3500
Premium Vacuum Molded Fiberglass Light Racing US $3600
Premium Vacuum Molded Carbon Ultra-Light Racing US $4100
Premium Vacuum Molded Kevlar Ultra-Light Racing US $4100

What is an OC-1?

OC-1 may refer to: OC-1, a class of specifications for SONET optical fiber in telecommunications. The pseudonym of a US official who shot Guantanamo captive Omar Khadr. The class of canoe racing: outrigger canoe, one person; see Outrigger canoeing#Racing. Solo Open Canoe for Whitewater canoeing.

How heavy is an OC1?

Hull Weight: approx. 19.5 lbs.

How do I choose OC1?

For OC-1, you want to be at least an inch shorter than what your OC-6 paddle would be. One last note on the paddles, for OC-6, use the same type of paddles in the OC-6, meaning all double bend or all straight shaft.

What is the difference between a V1 and OC1?

OC1 are ruddered single waka, normally used for long distance paddling or training. There are also single un-ruddered waka (V1) which are normally used for sprinting (short distances). The V1 requires more skill as it is the paddler that controls the direction with paddle strokes.

Is V1 a VAA?

V1 stands for one-person va’a. The Tahitian term va’a is used to differentiate it from an OC-1 (one-person outrigger canoe). V1s are traditionally defined by an open cockpit and no rudder.

How long is a OC1?

19 ft. 6 in.
Length: 19 ft. 6 in. Waterline: 19 ft.

Why do Filipino boats have outriggers?

The outriggers are made from bamboo or other available wood to help balance the boat and the main sails (on non-motorized versions) are made out of woven mats and readily available cloth.