How much horsepower does a LS9 cam add?

Although it’s designed for a larger-displacement blower application, the LS9 has been shown to offer sizable (50 -60 hp) power gains even on the naturally aspirated 5.3L.

Is a LS9 cam worth it?

LS9 is not a waste of time, but if you are doing or paying for the labor, and not on a super tight budget, then there are cams out there that will give you quite a bit more power.

Is the L33 a good motor?

These motors are capable of making a lot of horsepower, and respond well to upgrades like turbos, superchargers, high-flow cylinder heads, intake systems, cams, and nitrous oxide. [NOTE: Looking to upgrade your L33?

Are cammed cars illegal?

Adding CAM Illegal in CA.?? yes, unless it comes with a CARB certification number. Any modification is illegal (even just changing the mufflers) unless it’s certified by CARB.

How much hp can a LS9 handle?

By adapting a faster-spinning LS9 blower to the 13 percent larger displacement of the LS7 block, the results typically deliver 800-850 horses and 800 lb-ft on pump gas.

Is the LM7 an LS motor?

The LM7 is one of the most popular LS engines for several reasons: With iron block strength, it is a great choice for boost or nitrous applications. GM made a bazillion of them over eight years.

What do you need for a L33 cam swap?

There are a few other parts needed for a L33 cam swap such as an LS2 timing chain, LS7 spec lifters, LS2 timing chain damper and thick-wall chromoly pushrods. … Tuning the computer changes the fuel and ignition curves to increase performance. Plug-in programmers are easy to use but have limits.

Is the L33 Cam the same as the LQ9?

Contrary to popular belief, the L33 cam is not the same as the LQ9 grind. The L33 was essentially a high-lift version of the LM7 with a few extra degrees of duration. In terms of power, the L33 offered additional power over the LM7 cam but did not increase power as much as the LQ9.

Why was This LS cam swap so important?

This LS cam swap was important for a number of different reasons, including, but in no particular order of importance, the mere fact that it was a cam test that provided back-to-back information. This test also allowed us to utilize a brand-new 5.3L combination recently offered by the gang over at Strictly Performance.

What is the difference between the LS7 and LS9 cams?

Whereas the LM7 produced peak torque at just 4,300 rpm, the LS7 and LS9 cams produced peak torque 700800 rpm higher. Designed for the supercharged Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro ZL-1, the LSA cam offered plenty of power on the normally aspirated 5.3L. The peak numbers jumped from 353 hp and 384 lb-ft to 389 hp and 394 lb-ft.