How much is a Kerry Collins card worth?

Kerry Collins Football Trading Card Values

1994 Stadium Club Expansion Team Redemption #P1 Kerry Collins $2.03
1995 Superior Pix Promos National #2 Kerry Collins $1.00
1995 Topps #224 Kerry Collins $0.22
1995 Topps Factory Jaguars #224 Kerry Collins $0.65
1995 Topps Factory Panthers #224 Kerry Collins $1.22

How much is a Jake Plummer card worth?

Jake Plummer Football Trading Card Values

1997 Bowman Best #96 Jake Plummer $0.34
1997 Collectors Edge Masters Crucibles #1 Jake Plummer $0.75
1997 Donruss #217 Jake Plummer $0.26
1997 Donruss Rated Rookies #10 Jake Plummer $1.05
1997 Finest #234 Jake Plummer $0.75

How much is a JJ Stokes card worth?

Card Price Bids
J.J. Stokes 2002 Topps Gallery Football Card #143 (C) $0.25
A8422- 1999 Topps Collection Football #s 208-357 -You Pick- 10+ FREE US SHIP $0.99 BIN
1999 Playoff Momentum SSD Xs /300 JJ Stokes #84 $1.63 BIN
1998 Collector’s Edge First Place Football Card Pick $0.99 BIN

What card does Trevor Lawrence Buy?

Best Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards at a Glance Most Popular: Prizm Draft Picks #106. Budget: Score #301. Autograph: Prizm Draft Autograph. (Bonus) Autograph: Topps x Trevor Lawrence Autograph.

Are Leaf cards valuable?

Most people will warn you off if you ask about Leaf Trading Cards on any of the prominent collectors’ forums. Detractors like to call Leaf and other non-licensed cards worthless. They are not. They are just worth less.

When did Fleer go out of business?

May 31, 2005

Type Private (subsidiary of Upper Deck Company)
Defunct May 31, 2005
Fate Brand acquired by Upper Deck in 2005
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , US
Products Bubble gum, trading cards

What’s Babe Ruth’s rookie card worth?

Babe Ruth rookie card sells for record $2.46 million.

How do I find the value of trading cards?

CollX (pronounced “collects”) is the fastest way to figure out what your cards are worth. Snap photos of them and instantly get the current market price. Add them to your collection and track your overall portfolio value. You can even buy, sell, grade, and trade your cards with other collectors.