Is Drexel furniture the same as Drexel Heritage?

What is Drexel Furniture? Drexel Heritage Furniture was the name of the company that produced what is commonly known as Drexel Furniture.

What happened to Drexel Heritage furniture?

HIGH POINT – Drexel Heritage has been rebranded as Drexel, a move that will be revealed to buyers at the April High Point Market with a new contemporary product focus and collection created in conjunction with designer Jo Sampson.

What wood is Drexel Furniture made of?

native oak
Drexel refers to the style of fine furniture created by Drexel Furniture Inc, based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Their products are made from native oak, are skillfully handcrafted, and reflect the simplicity of beauty combined with old world quality in skillmanship of classic American made products.

When did Drexel Heritage furniture go out of business?

In June 2014 it was reported that the last Drexel Heritage plant, on Hogan Street in Morganton, North Carolina, was closing July 31, with 87 people losing their jobs.

Who bought Drexel Heritage furniture?

ABG said it now owns the majority stake in the acquisition, which it said brings its portfolio value to nearly $9 billion in annual global retail sales. ABG owns a portfolio of more than 50 global entertainment and lifestyle brands. This acquisition marks its entry into the home furnishings industry.

Is Drexel Heritage solid wood?

Drexel Heritage Coffee Table SOLID WOOD Low Square Cocktail Table.

Who is the founder of Drexel Furniture?

Drexel Furniture Company was established o n N ovember 1 0, 1903 i n Drexel, N orth Carolina. Although Samuel Huffma n managed the enterprise, he and five other me n founded the business with a n investment of $14,000. By 1 935, Sam Huffma n died, and his so n Robert O. Huffma n became president.

What kind of furniture does Drexel Heritage make?

Finally, you may see some striking Chinoiserie style furniture made by Drexel Heritage on your travels. These Asian style pieces often featured real gold leaf, fine hand painted scenes and lacquered finishes. Drexel Oriental style China cabinets could be just the statement piece you are looking for.

How do you identify Drexel Furniture?

Because Drexel produced so many collections of furniture, identifying it as Drexel takes a trained eye. Of course, like Henredon Furniture collectors, Drexel Furniture Collectors want to see the true label to verify. You can also gain clues to the age of your Drexel piece by reading the Drexel Furniture numbers.