Is Grand Canyon University Expensive?

GCU On-Campus Tuition and Costs Grand Canyon University’s annual campus tuition rate is $16,500 for both in-state and out-of-state students. With the help of GCU-funded scholarships, for the 2019-20 year, the average campus student only paid $8,600 in annual tuition.

What are GCU colors?


What denomination is Grand Canyon University?


How much is a Masters at GCU?

GCU Online and Evening Tuition Rates Graduate classes range from $365 to $695 per credit, depending on the area of study. The cost per credit hour for doctoral programs is $695.

How many students live on campus at GCU?


Can you have pets at GCU?

Grand Canyon University Hotel accepts pets up to 50 lbs for an additional fee of $25 per pet, per stay. Service animals are allowed into any GCU athletic event. Pets that are not service animals will NOT be allowed in any athletic facility.

What GPA do you need to get into GCU?


Is Grand Canyon University legit?

Quick facts about GCU. GCU is a private, Christian college, offering classes both online and on campus. The school is headquartered in Phoenix. AZ, and is accredited through 2027 by the Higher Learning Commission.

Is GCU accredited for psychology?

The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has been since 1968.

Does GCU have a good psychology program?

For those who want to help others through human services, Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers two undergraduate psychology degree programs and one undergraduate counseling degree program, as well as degrees in sociology and behavioral health science. Consider GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Is Grand Canyon University fully accredited?

Yes, Grand Canyon University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an independent accreditation institution founded in 1895. GCU has had its accreditation reaffirmed every year by the HLC since 1968.

How much is a dorm at GCU?


Budget Category Living On/Off Campus *ABSN Living Off Campus
Room* $5,100 $5,100
Board* $2,700 $2,700
Personal Expenses $5,700 $5,700
Fees $1,300

Do you have to live on campus freshman year at GCU?

Freshmen Living Arrangements at Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon University offers on-campus housing, but freshmen are not required to take advantage of it. In the end though, most do choose to live in the dorms. * Data compiled from students who received financial aid, including loans.

Does GCU have sorority houses?

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a Christian college located in Phoenix, Arizona. As of now, no, there are not any fraternities or sororities offered at GCU.

What scholarships does GCU offer?

Online Scholarships

  • New Undergraduate Student Scholarship. If you are a new student enrolling in an undergraduate degree at GCU, you may be eligible to receive a 25% tuition scholarship.
  • New Graduate Student Scholarship.
  • New Doctoral Student Scholarship.

What happens if you don’t pass a class at GCU?

If you wait till after the deadline your grade will be a big fat zero for the rest of your assignments. GCU will do refunds based on the date you drop the class. The refund can range from 100% to 0%. Your course fees for online students are non- refundable after the class starts.

Does GCU have married housing?

Family and Married Housing: Due to our unprecedented growth, next year there will be a very limited number of Family Housing (Students with children) and Married Housing (Married Students, no children) units. We recommend you keep other housing options open in case you are unable to acquire one of these units.

Is there Greek life at GCU?

GCU doesn’t have Greek Life, but through Her Campus girls can connect and meet new “sisters” by being a part of this community. This “sorority” like organization provides an awesome opportunity to join a sisterhood that is filled with a variety of girls that share the common goal of empowerment.

Is it hard to get into GCU?

How hard is it to get into GCU and can I get accepted? The school has a 77% acceptance rate ranking it #3 in Arizona for lowest rate of acceptance. Only 23% of those admitted chose to enroll in the school.

What is the acceptance rate for GCU?

76.9% (2020)

Does GCU have dorms?

Both residence halls and apartments are available to GCU students as well as a variety of meal plans.