Is Linhai made by Yamaha?

These products are distributed worldwide under the Yamaha brand. This sharing of technology and manufacturing expertise has led Linhai to being recognized as the leading power sports manufacturer in China. Linhai has been a leader in the development of the Chinese motorsports industry.

Who makes Linhai scooter?

Linhai Powersport products are produced by the Jiangsu Linhai Group. This company was founded in 1956 and has been developing and manufacturing small engines and machinery for 60 years. Linhai’s experience in engine and machinery development led them to the 2001 release of their first ATV.

Where are Linhai UTV made?

Garland, Texas
Massimo, Bennche and Linhai UTVs and ATVs will be assembled in the company’s 370,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas.

Are Linhai UTVs any good?

Linhai UTV Reviews. Despite its quality build, many are still not convinced with the dependability of the Linhai Bighorn UTVs, referring to the vehicles as mere knock-offs or clones. On the other hand, owners say otherwise. Naturally, there will be opposing views about the side x side.

Is Linhai the same as Yamaha?

LYM, itself a joint venture between Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corporation, manufactures and markets complete motorcycles and engines under the Yamaha brand name.

Who owns Linhai?

LINHAI is a state-owned enterprise underling SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd. that is subordinate to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH).

Is Linhai and Massimo the same?

We want to further clarify that Linhai will not be rebranded as Massimo or any other brand. Sportsman Country is a joint venture between Massimo and Bennche and will act as the servicing agent for Linhai dealers in the U.S.,” said Johnny Tai of Sportsman Country.

Is Linhai Japanese?

Linhai became one of China’s largest designated production enterprises of motorcycle engines.

Who makes Linhai UTV?

the Jiangsu Linhai Group
Launched in 2011, the Linhai Bighorn UTV (a.k.a. Linhai Bighorn 28) is an entry-level mid-size four-wheeler produced by the Jiangsu Linhai Group.

Who makes the BigHorn side by side?

BigHorn 450 EFI UTV Features The company has been manufacturing engines for Yamaha since 1993, making the BigHorn a qualified contender for top ratings in the 450cc UTV marketplace.

Who builds Massimo ATVs?

Motorized s Corp. is a Chinese-based manufacturer that is located in North America and currently ranks 6th on the list of the top UTV producers.

Where are Bighorn ATV made?

We assemble all of our vehicles in Coppell, Texas – meaning parts are stocked and shipped directly from us to our dealers.