Is Mild High Club psychedelic?

Mild High Club is an American psychedelic pop group, led by the musician Alexander Brettin.

Is Mild High Club good?

It’s a frequently wonderful and often fantastic album that demonstrates and exemplifies the joys of nostalgia. There are old, old sounds used here (even the junglist d’n’b rhythms of “I Don’t Mind the Wait”), but combined they’re repurposed into something fresh and rewarding.

What is Skiptracing Mild High Club about?

As can be assumed with a group named Mild High Club, the journey they take us on during Skiptracing is a little woozy yet pleasurable. You just might crack a half-smile. “Skip Tracing” is the act searching out a person who has disappeared.

Is Mild High Club a band?

Mild High Club is the solo project and live band helmed by Alex Brettin, a Los Angeles-based musician originally from Chicago.

What is the Mile High Club?

What does mile high club mean? The mile high club is a slang term for people who’ve had sex during a flight. Mile high alludes to the high altitude of air travel and club refers to the act’s rarity and exclusivity.

Who plays guitar for Mild High Club?

Bill Nash T-12. Throughout this video of the Mild High Club performing “Tesselation”, Alex can be seen playing a Bill Nash T-12 Telecaster Copy.

What genre is skip tracing mild high club?


Is Skiptracing a concept album?

In between gusts of noise from what feels like a parade of MBTA buses on Brighton Ave, Alex maps out the touchstones of Skiptracing, a concept album whose story revolves around an LA detective on the hunt for the “spirit of American music”.

Who are the members of mild high club?

Alexander BrettinMild High Club / Members

How can I skip trace for free?

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