Is there a flight path in Desolace?

The Flight Path is in SW Desolace in Shadowprey Village (turn right at as you get to the sea) Once you’re in the village head down to the end of the fishing peer.

What level should I go to Desolace?

Contested zone levels

Zone Level range
Desolace 30-40
Stranglethorn Vale 30-45
Dustwallow Marsh 35-45
Badlands 35-45

Is there a horde flight path in Desolace?

Horde:From Sun Rock Retreat, go up the trail west into the Charred Vale, then south into Desolace. The Horde flight path is in Shadowprey Village in the southwestern corner of the zone, on the coast.

How do you get to Desolace fast?

The flight path from Thunder Bluff to Sun Rock Retreat and a walk south is one of the shortest ways to get to Desolace. On foot, players have to travel east and north out of the protected lands of Mulgore before heading west.

What level is thousand needles classic wow?

level 24-35
Thousand Needles is intended for level 24-35 players.

What level zone is feralas?

Feralas is intended for level 41-50 players.

How do I get to Crossroads from Desolace?

From the Crossroads, head west to Stonetalon Mountains. Once you’re in Stonetalon Mountains, follow the road all the way to Sun Rock Retreat, and go southwest to the Charred Vale. What is this? You can climb over the mountain which is a shorter way to the Charred Vale on the western edge.

What was Desolace?

Desolace, originally known as Mashan’she, is a large, arid region on the western coast of Kalimdor, nestled between the Stonetalon Mountains in the north and the jungles of Feralas in the south.

What level is hinterlands?

The Hinterlands ranges from levels 10-30.

Can you get to Feralas from Desolace?

To actually get to Feralas: You can go south from Desolace (the entrance to Feralas is near Gelkis Village) – this is better for those wanting to grind on the higher level creatures. You can also go northwest from Thousand Needles – this route is near the Horde Camp Mojache and the lower level creatures.

Is there a flight path in desolace?

is there a flight path in desolace? Shadowprey village, southwest of desolace on the coast. Grand Marshal/Gladiator Priest, Lightplol. PvE gladiator holy paladin, Lightp. Head further south. It’s Shadowprey Village in the lower-left corner of the zone. On the water.

How to get to desolace in World of Warcraft?

How to get to Desolace for Alliance Characters Night Elves: Depending on how far World of Warcraft Elves are in their leveling, they may still be around Asheville or Stonetalon Mountains when they are ready to take the plunge into Desolace. Just head south down through Charred Veil in the southwestern part of Stonetalon.

What are the levels in desolace?

Desolace 1 Level: 10 – 30 2 Battle pet level: 7 – 9 3 Territory: Contested 4 Instance type: Zone 5 Zone ID: 405 6 Continent: Kalimdor

How do I get to desolace from charred Vale?

Desolace is immediately south of Charred Vale. Gnomes and Dwarves: Head to Ironforge. Walk out of Ironforge and head east then north to the Wetlands. Continue following the road to the western edge of the Wetlands to find Menethil Harbor. In Menethil Harbor, take the northern of the two boats to Auberdine in Darkshore.