What are headed concrete anchors?

HEADED CONCRETE ANCHORS are designed for welding to flat surfaces or welding to the fillet or on the heel of angles. All orders for studs include the required ferrules for your application. All COX INDUSTRIES headed anchors meet AWS, ISO and CSA W59 specifications. Test reports available on request.

What is a headed stud?

Headed Anchor Studs are used in all types of concrete connections. they can be welded to a flat surface, or in the fillet, or on the heel of an angle with a stud welding system. Length: Length is before weld.

What is a headed shear stud?

Headed Shear Connectors, also known as Headed Weld Studs, are used in all types of concrete connections. They can be welded to a flat surface or to the inside or outside of an angle. Headed Shear Connectors come in diameters of 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″. See “Headed Concrete Anchors” for 5/8″ diameter and below.

What are Nelson studs for?

Studs & Accessories Weld studs are a permanent solution to fastening metal to metal. They come in all shapes and sizes and are adaptable to an infinite number of applications. Ceramic ferrules are an essential part of the standard drawn arc stud welding process.

What are Nelson bolts?

Nelson stud bolts are rod-shaped metal connector materials with thread that extends along the entire length of the rod. Nelson stud bolts are used in a range of applications, each type of which is custom-designed to suit the required functions.

What are shear connectors used for?

Shear connectors are a critical way of creating strong connection points that hold up to shear loading. They are used in many applications including, but not limited to: Connecting upright steel beams to a concrete foundation. Connecting load bearing beams to a concrete flooring in multi-story buildings.

How do you weld shear studs?

Shear studs are generally attached to the top flanges of girders using a stud welding gun. The stud is held in the welding gun and an arc is struck between the stud and the flange plate. The arc melts a portion of both the stud and the plate in a set time.

What is a Nelson bolt?

What is a shear connector?

What is a Swedge anchor?

A swedged anchor bolt, sometimes referred to as a swedged anchor rod, is an alternative design to an epoxy anchor, headed anchor bolt, threaded anchor rod, or bent anchor bolt. They are often used in highway work, specifically in conjunction with bridge bearings.