What are some dorm rules?

Here are some common restrictions when living in a college dorm.

  • Fire Hazards. The degree to which these are restricted varies, but most dorms will outlaw candles, hot plates, and anything with a burner on it — sadly, this means most coffee machines, too.
  • Quiet Hours.
  • Pets.
  • Dorm Meetings.
  • Holes in Walls.
  • Visitors.
  • Substances.

What things are not allowed in dorms?

Banned Electronics in College Dorms

  • Multi-head lamps with plastic shades.
  • String lights, such as miniature Christmas lights.
  • Extension cords.
  • Cooking appliances, such as hot plates and toaster ovens.
  • Air conditioners or space heaters.
  • Electric blankets.

What is the first thing to do when you move into a dorm?

24 Tips for Moving a College Kid into the Dorm:

  1. Before you move one item in clean everything in the room.
  2. Bring a tool kit.
  3. Stock up on Command Hooks®
  4. Stay hydrated and bring snacks.
  5. Let your college kid take the lead.
  6. Don’t hang around too long.
  7. Pack all hanging clothes ON the hangers.
  8. Do not overpack.

Can a friend stay the night in my dorm?

You are welcome to have a friend stay overnight in your room as long as your roommate is comfortable with it.

Can I bring my boyfriend to my dorm?

Typically, the short answer will be no. Many colleges allow visitors to stay overnight and even for multiple nights. However, most campuses do not allow visitors to move into dorm rooms, regardless of gender.

Do I have to sleep in my dorm every night?

You are able to leave your dorms at whatever time you choose, as long as the campus is not on lockdown (does not happen often). You do not have to sleep in your dorm every night, you can choose where you sleep.

Can I light a candle in my dorm?

Since candles, incense and hookah are firmly forbidden from most dorms, reserve those favorite scented candles for a bedroom at home. Instead, keep the room smelling fresh with plug-in air fresheners and flameless candles.

What to know before moving into a dorm?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set study hours or quiet hours for your room.
  • Preferences around what you can borrow from each other (food, clothes, etc.)
  • Temperature—how hot or cold do you want the room to be.
  • Rules around when the door will be locked or unlocked.
  • When visitors are allowed and how long they can stay.

Are dorms cleaned before move-in?

It’s expected that before students move into their residence halls, each room will be given a deep, thorough cleaning by the building maintenance staff. But that could have been weeks ago, so before you move your stuff in, take advantage of the emptiness, and do a quick once-over with this quick checklist.

Can my boyfriend spend the night in my dorm?

Can a guy and girl share a dorm?

“Co-ed housing,” where male and female students share the same floor, has long been part of the college dorm experience. But now some schools are letting men and women live together in the same dorm room.