What are the numbers on a Royal bank cheque?

The void cheque will have three sets of pre-printed numbers that provide your bank information; the first set is a 5-digit transit number (which identifies your bank branch), the second set is a 3-digit institution number (which identifies your bank), and the third set is your account number.

Where is the transit number on RBC Cheques?

Your RBC bank transit number and institution number can be found at the bottom of a cheque.

Is the transit number the same as the branch number RBC?

The transit number (also known as a branch number) is a 5 digit number that identifies the specific bank branch where your account is held, which is typically the physical location where you first opened it or “home branch”.

How do you read a Canadian check?

Unlike US checks where the check number could appear to the left of the routing number, to the right of the routing number or even to the right of the account number, on Canadian checks the check number is always the first number in the MICR line to the left of the transit and institution (routing) number.

What is bank transit number?

A routing number is a nine-digit code used by financial institutions to identify other financial institutions. It’s also known as an RTN (routing transit number) and an ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. Combined with your account number, it allows insitutions to locate your individual account.

What is the BIC code for Royal Bank of Canada?

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) SWIFT code in Canada. The SWIFT/BIC code for ROYAL BANK OF CANADA is ROYCCAT2XXX.

What is transit code Canada?

A Canadian transit number is a standardized, nine-digit number used by financial institutions and banks in Canada. It specifies the part of the organization where a particular bank account is held, such as an individual branch.

What is transit code on check?

What do the numbers at the bottom of Canadian cheques mean?

You will find these numbers on the cheques issued for your account. The branch transit number, financial institution number, and bank account number are located at the bottom edge of your cheque. Branch transit numbers are always 5 digits long and financial institution numbers are always 3 digits long.