What can kill indestructible MTG?

Perhaps the most popular way to get rid of an Indestructible creature is through getting rid of that indestructibility. Cards like Hour of Devastation have effects that simply take indestructibility off of cards, making them vulnerable to any traditional kill or damage spells you have.

How do you get around indestructible MTG?

How to Destroy an Indestructible Creature

  1. Exile It. If you can’t face your problems, send them somewhere else.
  2. Reduce Its Toughness to 0. This is sort of a rules hack.
  3. Make Your Opponent Sacrifice It.
  4. Counter It.
  5. Enchant It.
  6. Discard It from Your Opponent’s Hand.
  7. Bounce It Back to Your Opponent’s Hand.

How do you stop indestructible MTG?

Other ways to deal with indestructible permanents that do not cause them to “die” include:

  1. Exiling. (Swords to Plowshares)
  2. Bounce. (Unsummon)
  3. Interacting with them on the stack. (Counterspell)
  4. Discard. (Thoughtseize)
  5. Removal from the deck. (Memoricide)
  6. Taking control of them.
  7. Move them to their owner’s library.

Do board wipes remove indestructible creatures?

Examples of indestructible Creatures with indestructible are popular in Magic, especially in formats like Commander where board stalls and board wipes are common.

Do counters kill indestructible?

Yes, indestructible creatures can be killed by reducing their toughness to 0 or less. As a sidenote, Tragic Slip does not give counters (but still it works).

Do board wipes destroy indestructible creatures?

Most board wipes “destroy” creatures, so one way to protect your creatures (and permanents) is to buff them with the “indestructible”keyword.

Can you sacrifice an indestructible creature?

Yes. Indestructible only prevents “destroy” effects and lethal damage. Sacrificing actually just places the permanent into your graveyard; it isn’t destroyed.

Does Tragic Slip kill indestructible?