What do Canadian visa officers check for student visa?

Academic Performance. Visa officers look for consistency across previous academic performance. But while good grades are a key factor in visa approval, it doesn’t end there. The decision on your visa application also extends to your English language ability, as demonstrated by your IELTS or TOEFL score.

Is Pakistan included in SDS?

Good news for all the Pakistani students who are willing to go Canada for their higher studies, Canada has enlisted Pakistan in the Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program.

Is Canada giving student visa to Pakistan?

Main steps to take for the Canadian student visa You can apply for visa online or on paper. If you apply on paper you will have to visit a visa application centre in Pakistan to submit your documents. Your biometrics will also be taken at the visa application centre regardless of how you choose to apply for visa.

What is background check in Canada student visa?

Background check (BGC) is a procedure to verify the criminal and/or security background of visa applicants to ensure they’re admissible to Canada. Background check is a generic term for criminality check, security screening and information sharing.

How do I calculate my 28 day bank statement?

28 days will be counted back from the closing balance and the closing balance cannot be more than 31 days old on the date of application. If your finances are confirmed in a letter then the letter and the closing balance cannot be more than 31 days old on the date of application.

Which is better SDS or non SDS?

Less Documentation: Under the SDS category, candidates don’t have to submit many documents to provide financial eligibility. Whereas in the Non-SDS approach, the number of documents is more. Fast Process: SDS approach is streamlined and simple as compared to Non-SDS. The entire time duration takes around 45 days.

Can I apply for SDS without ielts?

SDS & Study in Canada without IELTS: Under SDS the IELTS score of a student has to be 6.5 bands overall and 6.0 in each module. The whole point of SDS to cut the processing time of Canadian Student visa. Therefore, if you are opting for SDS, IELTS is a must.

How long does it take to get a student visa for Canada?

After applying for your Canadian study permit, the processing time may take up to 90 days, but it’s usually faster. This also depends on the situation in your home country. You can use the Student Direct Stream to get the study permit faster.