What does OpenID stand for?

OpenID is a unified user identification method released as an open standard that essentially acts as a single user identification system that can be used across multiple websites.

What is OpenID example?

Logging into Spotify with your Facebook account is a good example of how OpenID could be applied: You log into Facebook. Facebook sends your name and e-mail to Spotify. Spotify uses those details to identify you.

What is OpenID in cloud computing?

OpenID is an open specification for authentication and single sign-on (SSO). OpenID, which was first created in 2005, allows web sites and authentication services to exchange security information in a standardized way. In February 2014, the OpenID Foundation launched a new version of the protocol called OpenID Connect.

Who created OpenID?

Brad Fitzpatrick
History. The original OpenID authentication protocol was developed in May 2005 by Brad Fitzpatrick, creator of popular community website LiveJournal, while working at Six Apart.

Why do we need OpenID?

With OpenID, you can use a single, existing account (from providers like Google, Yahoo, AOL or your own blog) to sign in to thousands of websites without ever needing to create another username and password. OpenID is the safer and easier method to joining new sites.

Is OpenID secure?

Conclusion. OpenID Connect, its predecessors, and other public-key-encryption-based authentication frameworks guarantee the security of the complete internet by having the responsibility for user identity verification in the hands of the most trusted and reliable service providers.

What is the history of the OpenID logo?

The OpenID logo was designed by Randy “ydnar” Reddig, who in 2005 had expressed plans to transfer the rights to an OpenID organization. Since the original announcement of OpenID, the official site has stated:

What is the OpenID Foundation?

The OpenID Foundation (OIDF) promotes and enhances the OpenID community and technologies. The OIDF is a non-profit international standards development organization of individual developers, government agencies and companies who wish to promote and protect OpenID.

What is an OpenID provider?

An identity provider, or OpenID provider (OP) is a service that specializes in registering OpenID URLs or XRIs. OpenID enables an end user to communicate with a relying party. This communication is done through the exchange of an identifier or OpenID, which is the URL or XRI chosen by the end user to name the end user’s identity.

Is OpenID a distributed identity system?

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