What happened Nitro Circus?

Three audience members joined a pro rider during Nitro Circus for the four-man backflip at Manchester, England, on Tuesday. Apparently that stunt went without incident.

Can Bruce Cook walk now?

Bruce Cook is confident that – with advances in medicine – one day he’ll be able to walk again. But in the meantime he has no plans of slowing down.

When did Bruce Cook break his back?

In January 2014, during a Nitro Circus action sport show in Hamilton, Ont., Cook was seriously injured while attempting the world’s first ever double front flip on a motorcycle. The trick didn’t go nearly as planned as Cook slid off the back of his bike, breaking a vertebrae and damaging his spinal cord.

What happened to Jolene from Nitro Circus?

Over the past few months, Jolene Van Vugt, 36, has grown accustomed to looking not quite like herself. A motocross champion and the first female member of Nitro Circus, she has launched a new career as a Hollywood stuntwoman.

Who got paralyzed Nitro Circus?

Bruce Cook
Following an attempted double frontflip crash that left Bruce Cook paralyzed from the waist down in 2014, he returned to dirt bikes and successfully landed the world’s first ever backflip by a paraplegic at Nitro Circus on October 14, 2015.

What bones did Bruce Cook break?

After months of preparing for the jump during his Nitro Circus debut, Cook misjudged his landing and crashed hard on the ramp despite completing the two frontflips. The impact caused him to bend backwards despite landing on his feet, leading to a broken T11 vertebrae in his spine.

How did Travis Pastrana get hurt?

Motocross Legend Travis Pastrana has suffered multiple back and hip fractures after a serious base jumping accident whilst filming for a new Gymkhana series. Posting on his social media, Pastana explained how much of a close call he had when his base jump went completely wrong.

Who was paralyzed on Nitro Circus?

How did the guy from Nitro Circus died?

Erik Roner, an extreme athlete whose feats were seen regularly on MTV and Outside Television, died Monday in a parachuting accident, California authorities said.