What happened to the Cambridge Satchel Company?

The company ultimately started their own Cambridge Satchel factory near Leicester. By 2011 they were making over 3,000 bags a week in the UK and selling to 86 countries. By 2014 they were making 500 bags a day, with 2013 sales of £13 million….Cambridge Satchel Company.

Type Private
Products Leather goods
Website www.cambridgesatchel.com

Are Cambridge satchels worth it?

Are Cambridge Satchels Worth It? YES! Cambridge Satchel Company bags are totally worth it. They are beautifully made in Britain, using the best leathers and they are durable and practical.

Where are Cambridge satchels made?

the UK
All Cambridge products are made in the UK, ranging from backpacks and classic satchels to small leather goods.

Who owns Cambridge satchels?

Julie Deane CBE
Julie Deane CBE graduated from Cambridge University in 1987, joined Deloitte and qualified as a Chartered Accountant before returning to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge where she was the first Fellow for Development and the Registrary – the first woman to be appointed to this role in the 650-year history of the …

Why did the Cambridge Satchel Company grow so much?

How did Cambridge Satchel grow so quickly? The internet gave us a tremendous opportunity and it’s the reason why Cambridge Satchel has become so successful – despite the company being started during a recession. In the first few months sales were slow and we only sold about one satchel a week.

Is Cambridge Satchel ethical?

The Cambridge Satchel Company was born with a perfect blend of education and ethical ethos at its heart. Each bag is made from hand tanned vegetable leather sourced 100% ethically in Europe, with each unique style inspired at its source by the traditional satchel.

What fits in a Cambridge Satchel?

The 15 Inch Satchel It can easily fit in a 13 inch MacBook Pro with a soft case with plenty of room for a charger. With either working buckles or magnetic poppers, satchels are perfect for keeping your possessions safe when you’re travelling or are in a busy place.

Why is the Cambridge Satchel Company so popular?

How much did Julia Deane spend at the start of her business venture?

Deane started the company in 2008, with only £600 (about $1,000) in capital. Her only goal was to make enough money to take her daughter out of the school where she was being bullied and enroll her in a private school.

How has the Cambridge Satchel Company grown so much?