What happened with Romechia Simms?

Romechia Simms, 25, was charged with manslaughter, first-degree child abuse and other charges associated with the death of her 3-year-old son, Ji’Aire Lee. Simms was slowly pushing the boy on a swing in a La Plata, Md., park for 40 hours last May, including during the rain, when he died of hypothermia and dehydration.

Who is Romechia Simms?

— A judge says Romechia Simms, the woman who was found pushing her three-year-old, Ji’Aire Lee, in a swing for two days is not criminally responsible for the death of her son. Simms entered an Alford plea on Count 2 of manslaughter on Monday morning, WUSA9’s Stephanie Ramirez reports.

Why did Romechia Simms?

Romechia Simms was indicted for manslaughter and child abuse, but entered a plea for a lesser charge and avoided being criminally responsible for her 3-year-old son’s death.

What is the motion of a child on a swing?

Motion of a child on a swing is periodic. Motion which repeats itself after certain intervals is called periodic motion. Since the motion of a swing also repeats after regular intervals so, the motion of the child on a swing is periodic.

What is the motion of a swing called?

What is the motion of train?

Train moving on a track follows a straight line, hence it undergoes rectilinear motion.

Who is Adrian Jones mother?

“Imagine the screams of a 7-year-old boy,” the detective said, according to the Kansas City Star. “Twenty seconds is a very long time when you’re in agony.” “I pray you have a long, tortured life in prison,” Adrian’s mother, Dainna Pearce, told Jones during the sentencing, according to the Associated Press.

What is Adrian’s Law?

Woven into House Bill 2158, Adrian’s Law mandates children alleged to be victims of abuse or neglect to be visually observed by an employee of the Kansas Department for Children and Families or a representative of the law enforcement agency investigating the report.

What is a periodic motion?

periodic motion, in physics, motion repeated in equal intervals of time. Periodic motion is performed, for example, by a rocking chair, a bouncing ball, a vibrating tuning fork, a swing in motion, the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, and a water wave.

What is the motion of clock?

Solution: Since any point on the hand of the clock moves in a circular direction, they are said to be in circular motion. It is also periodic as it repeats its motion .

What is the motion of fan?

circular motion
Blades of the fan undergo circular motion. Fan undergoes the rotational motion as it rotates on its own axis.