What is a good site index forestry?

Site index is the total height to which dominant trees of a given species will grow on a given site at some index age, usually 25 or 50 years in the Southeast. Dominant trees are the tallest trees in the stand….Site Index (SI)

SI Yield at Age 40 Value
90 19 MBF + 38 cords $5,320

How do you find site index?

Determining site index is achieved by measuring and averaging the total height and age of trees found on that site. Height is obtained from dominant or co-dominant trees (referred to as canopy position) in a stand and is estimated using an instrument called a clinometer, or measured using a laser or releskop.

What does Site Index indicate?

Site index is a tool to determine the relative productivity of a particular site or location. Site index is the height of a “free to grow” tree of a given species at a base age on the site of interest. Common base ages include 25, 50, and 100, depending on the lifespan and common management practices for that species.

What is a high site index?

The greater the site index, the greater the productivity of the site. Site index can come in two forms; soil or expressed. Soil site index is the productivity estimate of the site in its native state.

What two measurements are needed to determine the site index of a stand?

Once height and age measurements are obtained for all site trees, site index can be determined. 1.

What is site factor forestry?

The climatic Site factors . (From Google:-Credits goes to Google) The climatic factors factors include rainfall and water,light, temperature, relative humidity, air, andwind. They are abiotic components, includingtopography and soil, of the environmental factors that influence plant growth and development.

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What does site index mean in forestry?

Site index is usually defined as the average total height that the dominant and codominant trees in fully stocked, even-aged stands will attain at key ages. Site class is a classification of forest land in terms of the capacity to grow repeated crops of industrial wood.

What is site and site quality?

Site quality refers to the inherent ability of a forest to produce biomass; that is, grow trees. It is the composite expression of a variety of physical and chemical attributes of a forested area, including its soil, topography and climate.

How is stand density index calculated?

Calculating stand density index Plotting the logarithm of the number of trees per acre against the logarithm of the quadratic mean diameter (or the dbh of the tree of average basal area) of maximally stocked stands generally results in a straight-line relationship.

How is stand volume calculated?

Stand volume = G x some expression of stand height x stand form factor. The difficulty with stand form factor is that it is an abstract value not capable of direct measurement.

What is site quality evaluation?

ABSTRACT. Forest site quality assessment refers to the judgment and prediction of the appropriate forestry or potential productivity of the site. It is an extremely important basic work in the forest management.