What is a retail cash wrap?

What is a cash wrap? Simply put, cash wraps are the locations in your store where customers pay for merchandise. But it’s more than just a cash register. It also applies to the surrounding area, including any retail displays or nearby aisles.

How big should a cash wrap be?

Counters are usually 30”-36” deep, and cash wraps designed with parallel counters should provide at least three feet of space between them, so employees have room to move around, bend over to access cabinets, etc.

What is a wrap counter?

Cash wrap is where customers pay for goods, converting customers lounging in the store into paying customers. It usually consists of a cash register and a POS system. With modernized point of sale technology, cash wrap can create seamless customer experience, build your brand image, and increase sales.

Why are cash wraps important?

Cash wraps send several messages to customers. Studies show most customers head to the right when entering a store, so locating your cash wrap counter to the left, but not right inside the entrance, enables shoppers to circle through your merchandise displays and arrive at the counter on their way out.

What is a gondola in a retail store?

Gondola shelving is a popular modern shop display shelving that offers retail outlets an opportunity to maximise retail space. It is a free-standing double-sided unit that doesn’t need to be fixed to walls and has been designed with customer convenience in mind.

Where did the term cash wrap come from?

Merchandising is the act of placing certain items at the check-out counter to encourage further purchases. This is where the term “Cash wrap counter” was derived. Many retail stores rely on this form of merchandising to turn a profit every year.

How tall is a cash wrap?


GTIN Number 00841134130924
Material MDF Construction with HP Laminate
Length 24 in.
Width 55 in.
Height 33 in.

What is a planogram in retail?

The official definition of a planogram is a schematic drawing or plan for displaying merchandise so as to maximize sales. It can be a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves, as well as the layout for the entire store. Here is an example of a planogram showing a store’s layout.

What does pop stand for in retail?

point of purchase
A point of purchase (POP) is a term used by marketers and retailers when planning the placement of consumer products, such as product displays strategically placed in a grocery store aisle or advertised in a weekly flyer.

How wide is a checkout counter?

48 to 72 inches wide
The average checkout counter ranges from 48 to 72 inches wide, depending on the available space and services provided. While nearly every retailer needs room for the POS system, bagging area, and other supplies, some companies also designate areas for merchandise, advertisements, and kiosks.

How to choose the right cash wrap for your retail store?

There are several cash wraps combinations designed to showcase your products in style. These are perfect for any retail store but also work for mall kiosks as most of them come with free locks to protect your merchandise. Color choices add to the finesse of your establishment. Select from a variety of sizes like our All In One Counter System.

Where is the cash wrap made?

The cash wrap is made in the USA and ships fully assembled. Reclaimed pine wood has attractive front trim and molding.Deep rear storage makes this counter unit perfect for displaying and storing costume jewelry, wallets, handbags and more.

What are cash wrap countertops?

Cash wrap display cases feature tempered glass cabinets with LED lights for lighting your merchandise. While anti-tamper locks provide security and peace of mind. This style of retail counter protects and displays precious items such as jewelry, accessories and beauty supplies.

What are the dimensions of the cash wrap?

Additionally, the cash wrap is 18″ deep and features 4 shelves on the clerk side, perfect for keeping supplies organized. The cash wrap is made in the USA and ships fully assembled.