What is a strong connection between two people?

An emotional connection is a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, having fun together, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like you’re connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting that deeply.

What does soulmate energy feel like?

It’s a feeling of instant rapport, almost like you two just seem to gel. It’s as if destiny has brought you two together, and for some unknown reason, you’re meant to be. This isn’t a one-sided feeling. Soulmate energy happens between two people, and they feel the same way you do.

What is soulmate energy?

A soulmate connection transcends physical limitations, and once you meet your soulmate, you’ll feel it on an energetic level. If you feel the soulmate energy, the next thing to do is confirm it by looking at the signs of a soulmate connection.

How do soulmates recognize each other?

You know you’ve found your soulmate when you look into someone’s eyes and feel a soul connection. When soulmates meet and connect the eyes, they recognize each other by eye contact – and the magic begins. It feels like you’ve met each other somewhere else at another time, and you just can’t keep your eyes off of them.

What does soulmate connection feel like?

You can feel the soulmate connection Deep down you feel a spiritual connection that you’ve never felt with anyone before. Everything just fits with them and you feel complete when they are with you. It is as if your soul is driving you toward them and you know that this is it.

What happens when you meet your soulmate for the first time?

The new connection feels comfortable and almost familiar The first thing many people tend to realize when they meet their soulmate is that they feel they have known the person much longer. The new connection feels comfortable and almost familiar even though the person is new to your life.

Why are we attracted to our soulmates?

Humans are like magnets. We have great magnetic forces in us and exert a force of attraction and disgust. When a person attracts us, these forces intensify and create an even deeper bond, the opposite is also true for disgust. When we meet our soulmate, these magnetic forces come into action and create a magnetic attraction on both sides.

What is a soulmate relationship?

The word soulmate signifies a deep and intense bond. But that does not mean it is a “perfect” relationship. Neither is it a Hollywood version of love that we have been sold — perhaps illustrated perfectly by Tom Cruise’s declaration to Renée Zellweger in the film Jerry Maguire of “You complete me.”

Can soulmates understand each other without speaking?

This is the most obvious sign of the magnetic attraction between two people. This force allows soulmates to understand each other without speaking. They do not need to explain things to understand each other. Communication takes place at the level of the soul and you know what is going on in your soulmate’s head.

What are the levels of intimacy with your soulmate?

You’ll discover many levels of intimacy with your soulmate, from sharing your fears over a cup of coffee to sitting in silence with one another. It may be the first time you experience an intimacy that’s on all four levels—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—and you’ll find that this brings you even closer ( 2 ).