What is damper winding and where it is located?

What is Damper Winding? Damper Windings are made using copper bars which are short-circuited at both ends. They act as a short circuit coils. Damper windings are placed in the face of the rotor poles of the synchronous machine along the pole axis.

What is synchronous motor?

A synchronous motor is one in which the rotor normally rotates at the same speed as the revolving field in the machine. The stator is similar to that of an induction machine consisting of a cylindrical iron frame with windings, usually three-phase, located in slots around the inner periphery.

What is damper winding?

Definition of damper winding : a short-circuited squirrel-cage winding placed in the pole faces and around the pole shoes of synchronous machines, the currents induced in the winding by the periodic variations in synchronous speed having the effect of a damper. — called also amortisseur.

What is the purpose of damper winding?

Functions of Damper Windings: Damper windings helps the synchronous motor to start on its own (self starting machine) by providing starting torque. By providing damper windings in the rotor of synchronous motor “Hunting of machine”can be suppressed.

What is slip of motor?

In an electrical coupling, slip is defined simply as the difference between the speeds of the two rotating members. In an induction motor, slip is a measure of the difference between the machine’s synchronous speed and its shaft speed.

What is salient and non salient pole?

Based on the construction the rotor of an electrical machine is classified into two types. They are, Salient pole type or projected pole type rotor ( low speed, more number of poles, kaplan turbines ) Non-salient type or smooth cylindrical type rotor ( high speed, 2 or 4 poles, pelton wheel )

What is armature winding and field winding?

Armature Winding is the winding, in which voltage is induced. Field Winding is the winding in which the main field flux is produced when the current through the winding is passed.

Why damper windings are used in salient pole generators?

Main Purpose of damper winding in the generator Prevents hunting (momentarily speed fluctuations) in the alternator, Increases the transient stability. Provides high starting torque to the synchronous motor.

What is meant by synchronous condenser?

A synchronous condenser is a conventional solution that has been used for decades for regulating reactive power before there were any power electronics compensation systems. A conventional synchronous condenser is an AC synchronous motor that is not attached to any driven equipment.

What is torque slip?

The torque slip curve for an induction motor gives us the information about the variation of torque with the slip. The slip is defined as the ratio of difference of synchronous speed and actual rotor speed to the synchronous speed of the machine.

What is mean by salient pole?

Definition of salient pole : a magnet pole that projects toward the armature of an electric machine — compare consequent pole.

What is meant by field winding?

field winding. / (ˈwaɪndɪŋ) / noun. the insulated current-carrying coils on a field magnet that produce the magnetic field intensity required to set up the electrical excitation in a generator or motor.