What is physical render Cinema 4D?

The Physical Render Engine in Cinema 4D lets you render with ultimate realism using real camera settings like focal length, shutter speed, aperture, etc. to add 3D depth of field, optical accurate motion blur, area shadows, ambient occlusion and more to your scene.

Does Cinema 4D have GPU rendering?

Thea Render’s state-of-the-art biased, unbiased and GPU rendering capabilities are available within Cinema 4D via connection plugin.

What is the best render for Cinema 4D?

The Best Render Engine for Cinema4D

  • ARNOLD BY AUTODESK. Arnold is best known for being the built-in renderer for Autodesk 3D applications.

Is Octane a PBR?

Octane is based on universal “PBR” shading principles and has notable similitude with other renderers, in case you find an external resource that is not about Octane, it should be able to translate it to Octane, close-enough.

Is V-Ray better than Arnold?

Both are good is youre familiar with them enough. VRay does have VRay RT, however, a GPU accelerated rendered with is now almost as feature rich as the CPU implementation. While Octane may be faster on GPU field, VRay RT is also a good option.

What is the Cinema 4D hair material and redshift?

The Cinema 4D Hair Material not only affects the shading of strands but also the shape and size. Redshift translates all this information for us to render, but because of the different shading models between Redshift and the native Cinema 4D materials, the specualr channel will be too strong changing the appearance of the material.

How can I use Cinema 4D’s built hair material for shading?

We can use Cinema 4D’s built Hair Material for shading at the same time as Redshift’s RS Hair material shader, that accesses Cinema 4D’s material parameters through a C4D Hair Attributes node, allowing for further customized shading. Let’s see how we can render the Cinema 4D Hair Object inside of Redshift.

What is the best material for Cinema 4D graph?

While the default Cinema 4D material has a lot of flexibility and can give very good results we can also use the Redshift Hair Material and have the ability for custom shading inside our graph.

What is the difference between render hairs and Polygon primitives?

The Render Hairs option, which is Redshift’s Hair Strand primitive, is a flat ribbon-like object that is optimized for a high volume of thin strands. Polygon primitives, which are normal geometry created by Cinema 4D, give you the option to use deformers (Bend,Twist,Displacer,ect.) as well as sub-divide your geometry.