What is running allowance?

Running Allowance means an allowance ordinarily granted to running staff in terms of and at the rates specified in these rules, and/or modified by the Central Government in the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board), for the performance of duties directly connected with charge of moving trains and includes a “Kilometrage …

How do I calculate my running allowance?

Various Allowances for Running Staff

  1. 30 % of Basic Pay for computation of benefits excluding Retirement benefits.
  2. For pensionary benefits, an additional 55% of Basic pay.
  3. DA will be paid on Basic Pay plus Pay element of Running Allowance (ie, 30% of Basic Pay).

What is Kilometre allowance?

Mileage Allowance means an allowance calculated on the distance travelled and given to an employee to meet the cost of a particular journey.

Who is running staff in Indian Railways?

Presently, loco drivers, assistant loco drivers and the railway guards, who help in movement of the trains and are called the ‘running staff’, receive a running allowance of around Rs 255 per 100 km, which is now being revised to about Rs 520.

Is running allowance taxable?

30% of actual Running Allowance will be taken for Income Tax.

What is running allowance in goods guard?

Running Allowance

Category Grade Pay Rates of Kilometreage Allowance (per 100 Kms.) in Rs.
Passenger Guard 4200 191.25
Sr.Goods Guard 4200 190.00
Goods Guard 2800 188.75
Sr.Asstt. Guard/ Sr.Brakesman 2400 112.50

What means petrol allowance?

The fuel or petrol allowance is offered to employees who drive company-owned or personal vehicle for work-related travel. According to Gaddipati, fuel employee benefit is offered to employees as part of the salary structure.

How is leave salary calculated for running staff?

III. When running staff are on leave, they shall be entitled to be paid their leave salary based on their basic pay plus 30% thereof representing the pay element of running allowance and Dearness Allowance/Additional Dearness Allowance due on such pay plus 30% thereof.

What allowances are exempt from tax?

Popular Allowances received by Salaried Employees

  • Leave Travel Allowance: LTA or leave travel allowances is one of the most popular forms of allowances received by salaried individuals.
  • House Rent Allowance:
  • Leave Encashment:
  • Conveyance or Transport Allowance:
  • Pension Income:
  • Gratuity:

What is ALK in railway?

This allowance is granted to running staff of Indian Railways when they are engaged in or employed on non-running duties. The present rates are: When such running duties are required to be performed at HQ. Equal to Pay Element of Running Allowance, i.e.,30% of Basic Pay.