What is the cost of orange curriculum?

Orange is an excellent curriculum that uses the advantage of a joint force to reach children both at home and in church. A one-year subscription for it starts at $510 and it has a two-year cycle with four streams based on the age group and class size.

What is orange strategy?

Orange is a strategy for combining critical influences in life to fuel faith in the next generation. Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the brilliance of another, Orange.

Who created the Orange curriculum?

Reggie Joiner is founder and CEO of Orange (The reThink Group, Inc), a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to influence those who influence the next generation. Orange provides resources and training for churches and organizations that create environments for parents, kids, and teenagers.

Does Orange curriculum have an app?

Get started with your free-forever Playlister account to send families an online Orange experience every week. Use our Apple TV app to present curriculum on campus in your classrooms.

Who writes the gospel project?

Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins (long-time friends and one-time roommates at Multnomah University) were tossing around ideas on how to help people read through Scripture while avoiding the common pitfalls and misunderstandings.

How do I become an orange specialist?

You automatically get an Orange Specialist when you make a purchase of any Orange curriculum. Once that happens, your Orange Specialist will actually reach out to you to connect. Sometimes, due to outdated info, Orange Specialists have a hard time connecting to the right person.

What is orange com?

Orange is a leading network operator for mobile, broadband internet, and fixed line telecommunications in 27 countries, with enterprise IT and communications services extending to 220 countries and territories under the Orange Business Services brand.

How do I download an Orange app?

  1. How to Download? Select your store button from above and download.
  2. Supported OS versions: Android 4.2 and above.
  3. Price: ​My Orange is a free app on stores.
  4. Free usage: ​Using/surfing the application is for free locally and while roaming.
  5. Charged usage: You will be charged as per your internet subscription when you:

Is the parent cue app free?

Join half a million parents using the Parent Cue app to raise kids with faith and character. Download the free Parent Cue app now!

What Bible translation does The Gospel Project use?

what bible translation(s) are used with the gospel project? The Gospel Project for Preschool and Kids is translation neutral (meaning there is no printed Bible text in the leader content). Its key passage (memory verse) is included in the CSB, NIV, ESV, and KJV translations.

What is gospel project for kids?

The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Where is Thinkorange located?

Think Orange is a young web design & development agency located in Lisbon. Think Orange focus on creating Websites, Web & Mobile applications, and digital marketing communications with special attention to social media.