What is the heaviest load range trailer tire?

E range tires are made for hauling heavy-duty trailers like equipment trailers and dump trailers. With a tire pressure of 80 psi, E range tires can support a load capacity of between 2,900 and 3,400 pounds per tire.

Can I put radial tires on my trailer?

Yes, you can use radial tires on a trailer as long as they are trailer tires. Trailer tires will have ST in front of the size. Radial indicates which way the belts run in the tire.

What does D stand for on trailer tire?

The D is the designation for the internal construction of the tire. The D stands for diagonal or bias ply construction. That means the tire body plies inside the tire will crisscross. The 15 is the wheel diameter in inches and the C after the tire size will designate the load range.

How much weight is a 10 ply tire rated for?

These letters denote the load pressure and ply rating. When you see the letter E on the tire, it means that your tire has a ply rating of 10, and the maximum load pressure is 80 psi (550 kPa).

What does Load Range G mean on a trailer tire?

Load Range Is Based on ‘Ply Rating’ This code represents the ability of the tire to hold air and weight; the higher the load range (A→G) the heavier load the tire can carry. Load range measurement is based upon an older metric called ‘ply rating.

Can I replace 205 tires with 225 tires?

A 205 tire uses a 7.0” width wheel. A 225 tire uses a 7.5” width wheel. Mounting a 225 on a 7” width wheel will result in the tire crowning more as the sidewalls are pulled in. It could result in excess centerline wear.

How much wider is a 225 than a 205 tire?

Since you’re going to a smaller tire you do not have to worry about reduced wheel well clearance. A 225/75-15 tire is approximately 28.4-inches in overall diameter when inflated while a 205/75-15 tire is about 27.1-inches. The difference in width between a 225mm and 205mm tire is 20mm, or about 3/4-inch.