What is the spread on the Saints Falcons game?

Falcons vs. Saints spread: Saints -3.5.

How many games did the Saints win in 2012?

2012 New Orleans Saints season
General manager Mickey Loomis (suspended for first 8 games)
Home field Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Record 7–9

Who won Super Bowl after Hurricane Katrina?

the Saints
Three years later, the Saints finished 13-3 and won Super Bowl XLIV over the Indianapolis Colts. Their Super Bowl victory is seen as a major success story for New Orleans post-Katrina. In April 2009, the franchise reached a deal that would keep the Saints in New Orleans until at least 2025.

Did Sean Payton ever play football?

Winning a football scholarship, Payton had a successful career playing quarterback at Eastern Illinois University, leading the Panthers to an 11–2 record and the quarter-finals of the Division I-AA Playoffs in 1986; while at EIU, he became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity with his close friend, Rick Henghold.

Which team is better Falcons or Saints?

Atlanta leads the regular season series, 53-51, with New Orleans holding an 21-10 advantage over the Falcons since 2006. Since 1991, 34 games have been decided by eight points or less. The Falcons had a 10-game winning streak from 1995-99, which remains the Saints’ longest winless streak against an opponent.

What was the Saints record 2012?

7,042 yards
The Saints defense allowed 7,042 yards in 2012—shattering the Baltimore Colts’ 31-year-old record of 6,793 yards….New Orleans Saints: The 2012 Defense Broke a Record and the Bank.

New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
$57.5 million Total Average Salaries $31.8 million

Who won Super Bowl 57?

The Saints defeated the Colts by a score of 31–17, earning their first Super Bowl win.

Is movie Home Team based on a true story?

Home Team, the family-friendly football comedy starring Kevin James, is the latest entry in the genre, and it’s based on a very real situation that happened to New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

How accurate is the movie Home Team?

But while Home Team does invent the classic underdogs-to-winners tale for the movie, it is accurate to real life that Payton used simplified versions of his Saints playbook. The Liberty Christian Warriors, as they were known, dominated opponents until they ran into a team called the Orange Porcupines.