What is Twin clutch Sportronic transmission?

Twin Clutch SST (Sport- or Sportronic Shift Transmission) is the brand name of a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, developed by Getrag for Mitsubishi Motors.

What is a dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission?

A dual-clutch gearbox uses two clutches controlled by a sophisticated network of electronics and hydraulics so that there is no need for the driver to use a clutch pedal. Unlike in automatic transmission, in a DCT the clutches operate independently.

How does a dual-clutch automatic transmission shift gears?

A DCT works by using two clutches instead of one, and both are computer controlled, so there’s no need for a clutch pedal. The dual clutch transmission operates via several in-built computers. These computers eliminate the need for the driver to manually change gears and the entire process is automated.

Can you double clutch with an automatic transmission?

A dual-clutch transmission is a type of automatic transmission that uses two clutch packs. One pack handles the odd gears, while the other handles the even gears.

What is a Sportronic transmission?

Sportronic is a term with a few meanings. It refers to transmissions of Alfa Romeo and Mitsubishi vehicles. In Alfa Romeo cars, Sportronic is an automatic transmission with a manual shifting mode. It has been used since the late 90s. It combines the advantages of a manual and an automatic gearbox.

Does Mitsubishi have automatic transmission?

If you are buying a Mitsubishi, then chances are that you may be able to get both standard and automatic all in the same vehicle. Mitsubishi Motors offers what’s known as a Sportronic transmission on some of the vehicles. One such vehicle is the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

What is SST gearbox?

SST stands for Sport Shift Transmission; this new, compact, lightweight six-speed gearbox running a clutch on each gear-cluster shaft (one for odd gears, one for even), a brain ensuring that the correct gear is pre-selected in anticipation of your next shift.