What kind of fish is draculaura in great Scarrier Reef?

Draculaura’s is based on the Vampire Squid. Toralei’s is based on the Lionfish. Clawdeen is based on a Wolf Fish.

What kind of fish is lagoona in great Scarrier Reef?

Lagoona’s hair is yellow blonde with streaks of pink and blue and is pulled into an off-center ponytail. She has pale blue skin and webbed fingers. Protruding from her back are translucent blue cutout fins with a wing-like appearance. From the waist down she has the body of a sailfish that is dark blue and scaled.

What Fish is clawdeen in the Great Scarrier Reef?

wolf fish
Clawdeen is a werewolf by nature, but appears to transform into a “wolf fish” once she enters the portal bringing her to Lagoona’s home in the Great Scarrier Reef. Her fins are a beautiful and shimmery iridescent green with lots of textured detail.

Is Duce dating Frankie?

In New Ghoul in School, the start of the web series, Deuce defends Frankie Stein (the naive new girl) from Heath Burns’ advances. He turns Heath to stone (to get him to stop talking) and Frankie developed a crush on him. She later fibs to Cleo De Nile, the hard-to-impress cheerleading captain, that Deuce is boyfriend.

Who is the daughter of the Kraken?

Family. Kala is the daughter of who is known around the Grand Scarrier Reef only as the Kraken. For the longest time, she got along with her father just fine, as her father was sweet and would teach her several things.

Is clawdeen black?

The characters don’t have races. They have species. Some characters seem to have races, like Clawdeen, who is assumed to be African-American because of her dark fur and Brooklyn accent.

Why are Toralei and the Werecat Sisters on the squad?

According from Cleo’s ‘ School’s Out ‘ diary reveals that Toralei and the werecat sisters are on the squad because of her older sister Nefera and is apparently still in touch with her, the diary also states that Nefera is a “cat person” which may extend their acquaintanceship, since cats are considered sacred in Egypt.

What is the Great Scarrier Reef TV special?

” Great Scarrier Reef ” is the thirteenth TV special produced for the Monster High cartoon series. The TV special ties into the Great Scarrier Reef, Great Scarrier Reef – Down Under Ghouls, and Great Scarrier Reef – Glowsome Ghoulfish doll lines.

Who is Toralei’s best friend?

Her best friends in life, to the point that they, for all intents and purposes are sisters, are Meowlody and Purrsephone. Toralei usually functions as the leader of their group and together the trio are some of the worst sources of trouble at the school.

Does Toralei have a tail?

In the webisodes, Toralei is not featured with a tail. Her Power Ghouls alter ego Cat Tastrophe is based on the Batman character Catwoman. Her birthday is on August 20th, meaning that her zodiac sign is Leo.