What medicine helps with dizziness?

If your dizziness comes with nausea, try an over-the-counter (nonprescription) antihistamine, such as meclizine or dimenhydrinate (Dramamine). These may cause drowsiness. Nondrowsy antihistamines aren’t as effective.

Why do I need a brain scan for dizziness?

Imaging studies of the brain, and sometimes the cervical spine, are common in patients with Dizziness and Vertigo. The purpose of these studies is to identify a structural cause of dizziness such as a stroke, MS, tumor, or any number of a myriad of other disorders of the ear or central nervous system.

Can dizziness be a brain tumor?

While a brain tumor isn’t likely to be a direct cause of dizziness, some tumors can trigger headaches and bouts of nausea and vomiting that may be associated with a dizzy feeling. This is especially true if an individual experiences frequent vomiting and becomes dehydrated.

Should you get an MRI for dizziness?

MRI Scans. In some people with vertigo—in particular those who also have hearing loss—doctors may recommend an MRI scan to obtain a closer look at the inner ear and surrounding structures.

Why does marijuana make you Dizzy?

Studies show that marijuana can make you feel dizzy because it lowers your blood pressure. One of the most commonly reported side effects of marijuana is dizziness, especially when standing up. In one study, 28% of participants experienced dizziness after marijuana use. Scientists believe this is because marijuana lowers blood pressure, reducing blood flow to the brain.

Does marijuana make you Dizzy?

Yes marijuana makes you feel dizzy. This is the most common side effect of taking it. According to research studies, it’s been established that over 60 percent of marijuana smokers usually experience a severe form of dizziness.

Will you have dizziness with marijuana?

The Relationship Between Marijuana and Dizziness It is actually really common to feel dizzy after using marijuana. A study from 1992 found that up to 60% of participants experienced moderate to severe dizziness as a result of marijuana use. Admittedly, there are only 10 participants, which made this a small study.

Is dizziness a moderate does effect of marijuana?

Those who reported moderate dizziness showed reduction in CBV but not blood pressure. Subjects who reported mild dizziness after marijuana and after placebo smoking showed minimal changes in blood pressure and CBV.