When did Starbucks stop using La Marzocco?

The partnership, which ended in 2005, would make the “Linea Classic” La Marzocco’s most iconic machine. Starbucks still uses a “Linea Classic” at its original location in Seattle’s Pike Place.

What is a Group 2 espresso machine?

The 2-group coffee machine allows you to prepare up to four espressos at a time, while the 1-group machine can prepare a maximum of two. The former is more present, the 2-group coffee machine has personality and is not very suitable for the home environment.

Is La Marzocco mini worth it?

Final verdict For a small office or a household full of coffee connoisseurs, the La Marzocco Home espresso makers are the perfect investment. And if you are trying to upgrade your home barista skills, there is no better machine for that. You will get unmatched espresso quality, along with machine durability.

What does group mean in coffee machines?

Group heads, sometimes shortened to ‘groups’ simply refers to the component on an espresso machine that allows the connection with a portafilter. During the process of extracting espresso, hot water is forced through the grouphead under pressure.

What are groups in espresso machine?

Located on the front of the machine, the group head is a metal, permanent attachment that brings water out of the machine and into the filter basket. A group head is commonly simply called the ‘group. ‘ You might also hear it referred to as the ‘espresso machine group,’ ‘brew group,’ or ‘brew head.

Why is La Marzocco Linea Mini so expensive?

Why are La Marzocco machines so expensive? La Marzocco espresso machines, like other prosumer machines, are expensive because they’re built to a commercial standard, using high-end materials designed to withstand heavy use.

How good is the La Marzocco Linea Mini?

The Linea Mini is an undeniably great espresso machine, exactly as you would expect from a brand like La Marzocco. It’s well built. It’s fun to use. It pulls incredible espresso and steams milk like a commercial machine.