Where can I find SMG in GTA San Andreas?

The SMG can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for a price of $2,000 (or 20% higher in Las Venturas). It becomes available after completing the mission Doberman in Story Mode. The SMG can be found and picked up around the San Andreas map (see the spawn locations in the “Appearances” section below).

Where is the SMG remnant?

Go to the south area of the basement, pass through the red room, and walk up the stairs. Unlock the door with the key to gain access to a room with a hole in the floor. Enter the room and collect the SMG from the desk. This room contains a lot of TVs on the walls, and on a desk will be the Submachine Gun.

Which country made SMG?

Sterling submachine gun
Sterling L2A3 (Mark 4) submachine gun
Type Submachine gun
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history

Where are the guns in San Andreas?

At the Pilgrim in Las Venturas, north of the Cluckin’ Bell, you’ll find the katana in the mini-mart. In El Quebrados in Tierra Robada, you’ll find the katana at the north-most house right next to the road. Go to Chinatown in San Fierro south of the property and you’ll find an alleyway.

How do you get the submachine gun?

It can only be found by obtaining the Roll Film: Hiding Places in the Sewers Workroom, and developed back at the Police Station using the hidden elevator in the Workers’ Break Room. Only then can you find it hiding in the S.T.A.R.S. Office main desk in a Wooden Crate.

Is submachine gun Good remnant?

Submachine Gun is a solid choice for those that like high rate of fire weapons in close to middle ranged fights. Though, in that scenario the Defiler might be a better choice, therefore the SMG is situated in B Tier. Hive Cannon is a fun high damage gun that is around the top of the DPS list of sidearms.

What is SMG gun?

submachine gun, lightweight automatic small-arms weapon chambered for relatively low-energy pistol cartridges and fired from the hip or shoulder. Most types utilize simple blowback actions. Using cartridges of such calibres as .

Is Uzi A SMG?

Uzi submachine gun, compact automatic weapon that is used throughout the world as a police and special-forces firearm. The Uzi is named for its designer, Uziel Gal, an Israeli army officer who developed it after the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.

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Look Cinemas
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