Where is True Temper located?

Ames True Temper specializes in the manufacture of non-powered lawn and garden products. Their manufacturing plant is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and produces 85% of the wheelbarrows in the United States and Canada producing 1.7 million wheelbarrows each year.

Where are True Temper shafts made?

Amory, Mississippi
True Temper’s corporate headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Every steel shaft bearing the True Temper name is produced in their steel manufacturing facility in Amory, Mississippi, USA. This 325,000 square foot facility was opened in 1965.

Are True Temper tools made in USA?

More than 200 years of American Manufacturing History We became American Fork & Hoe and later True Temper, a leading global supplier of lawn and garden tools and wheelbarrows. Through it all, we continued to forge, mill and manufacture our tools here in the United States.

Who owns Ames True Temper?

Griffon CorporationThe Ames Companies Inc / Parent organization

Who bought Aerotech?

True Sports’
The purchase of Aerotech strengthens True Sports’ position in the OEM world since the SteelFiber line is one of the most requested custom options from OEMs and customers. “We are thrilled to add Aerotech to our stable of products.

Who uses Aerotech golf shafts?

Every week on the PGA Tour, about 70 percent of the players in the field use True Temper steel shafts in their irons. The company’s Dynamic Gold models that dominate the counts are used by Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and a host of others.

What Flex is a X100 shaft?

Are Dynamic Gold X100 shafts stiff? The True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts are available in two flexes and one weight category. The S400 shaft model weighs approximately 132-grams and is stiff flex. The X100 version is 130-grams, extra-stiff.

What are X100 shafts?

X100’s are Dynamic Gold Steel shafts made by True Temper (http://www.truetemper.com) and are Extra Stiff. They are stiffer than S300’s. They are the most played iron shaft on the PGA Tour and True Temper Dynamic Gold (R300, S300, S400, X100, etc…) is the #1 shaft played by all golfers.

Is True Temper Made in USA?

What are steel golf shafts made of?

carbon steel
Steel shafts are stronger, more durable and generally less expensive than graphite and are made from carbon steel, although stainless steel is sometimes used.