Which is better to learn French or German or Spanish?

French offers you the best chance of success, far more than what the German and Spanish can offer. If you’re contemplating which language offers more job opportunities involving languages? Then French has the edge over German or Spanish.

Is it more useful to learn Spanish or German?

So undoubtedly the difficulty level of German is higher than that of Spanish, which makes the latter easier to learn. Though Spanish is easier to learn than German, the scope of the two languages is what makes all the difference. Germany is home to a lot of universities that offer a world-class education.

Which is easier to learn French or Spanish or German?

Spanish is more difficult than German grammatically, too many verb conjugations, way complex subjunctive, gender in almost everything. The best thing about it is the phonetic system, much easier than German’s and French’s. French is very difficult compared to German too and pronunciation is way hard to master.

Is it better to learn French or Spanish?

If you live in the United States or plan to travel throughout Latin America, Spanish is probably going to be much more useful to you. However, if you’re in Canada, or planning to travel or do business there, knowing French is going to be more helpful — it’s an official language of the country, after all.

Which language is most useful to learn?

Most useful languages to learn

  1. Mandarin Chinese. The world’s biggest economy since 2015, China is a vital business partner for most countries in the world.
  2. French. Never one to be left out, French still stands as a valid option for strategic language learners.
  3. Spanish.
  4. German.
  5. Portugese.

What language should I learn 2022?

Mandarin Chinese It has over one billion native speakers and lies on the top of the list of useful languages to learn in 2021 or 2022.

What language should I learn if I want to move to Europe?

Spanish (7%) Spanish was also recognized as the top 4 most useful languages to learn by European citizens behind English, German, and French. Another interesting fact is that it has the highest frequency of use amongst those that know how to speak Spanish.